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  1. by   DeLana_RN
    I used to donate blood and platelets on a regular basis; in 2002 I was banned due to risk of "mad cow disease". Why? Having been a military dependant in Europe for more than 6 months in the early 80's. Never mind that I'm a vegetarian...

    I was also a registered potential marrow donor; I reminded them to remove me from their records but was told that this would not be necessary - marrow donor guidelines aren't nearly as strict.

    And for organ donations they are even less strict!

    No wonder there are frequent blood shortages, those of use who want to donate are banned for the most ridiculous reasons (don't get me started. I'm a greater risk than a promiscuous female who sleeps with 10 men and/or women a week? She can donate. And so can promiscuous men as long as they only sleep with women. And many others with high risk behaviors.) However, don't automatically assume that you are also unable to donate bone marrow or organs. The guidelines differ a lot.

    Yes, I assume someone who needs a heart transplant is probably not going to worry about a 1 in ? chance of getting mad cow disease from a vegetarian...

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