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  1. Just came from the funeral home, my uncle died after a long illness. He had cancer, Parkinsons and a CVA. My cousin Kate had cared for him at home just like she cared for her mom who died of lung cancer 4 years ago. Kate was 3 years younger than me and always wanted to do everything I did so no one was suprised when she followed me to nursing school. She had 3 young children back then, one of them has downs. I am proud to say that she graduated with honors and went on to be one of the finest nurses I know. I used to do agency work at her hospital and it sure helped to have her to turn to when I needed technical assistance with strange equipment. She always was a wiz with that stuff. Anyway, while she was taking care of her dad the hospital where she worked for the last 15 years went belly up. She said is was really hard trying to deal with him and all the complications that go with a pink slip. Kate can do it, she always does, I do not know if I could.
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    One other thing, the reason Cousin Kate was a single mom of three children is that her husband shot himself. Something to do with him not being able to deal with the child with Downs. At the funeral she told me her life was like a soap opera, little did she know that things would continue to be interesting.
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    Kate is fortunate to be appreciated by her cousin too. Seems like you're both great.
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    Originally posted by spacenurse:
    Kate is fortunate to be appreciated by her cousin too. Seems like you're both great.
    Kate is a IV team nurse with many years experience. Apparently IV skills are much sought after these days. A eye surgeon, a dialysis center and plastic surgeon
    are in a bidding war for her services. She is much amused. She says, "how did I get so popular so all of a sudden." I know a lot of people who were really upset about losing their jobs and later on found it was the best thing that ever happened to them.