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from what I remember as a first year student when we were taught (after a little taste of oral liquid potassium) that potassium in this liquid form should be mixed with juice because it is bitter ... Read More

  1. by   puggymae
    If someone can drink it undiluted they are a better person than I am! I always dilute it.
  2. by   GingerSue
    Quote from VickyRN
    I agree. This is recommended by the manufacturer. Straight and undiluted may result in damage to mucosa of mouth, esophagus, or stomach.

    can you give me a reference for this - it would help get my point across
  3. by   dreamingofbeing
    Klorvess 10% Liquid , Potassium Chloride

    For patients taking the liquid form of this medicine:
    • This medicine must be diluted in at least one-half glass (4 ounces) of cold water or juice to reduce its possible stomach-irritating or laxative effect.
    • If you are on a salt (sodium)-restricted diet, check with your doctor before using tomato juice to dilute your medicine. Tomato juice has a high salt content.
  4. by   GingerSue
    thanks for the reference
  5. by   VickyRN
    Quote from GingerSue
    can you give me a reference for this - it would help get my point across
    Drugs and Treatments - Kay Ciel Oral - Patient Handout from RxList

    KAY CIEL Side Effects, KAY CIEL Drug Information, KAY CIEL Dosage
  6. by   MartyLPN
    mixing liquid kcl in oj is contraindicated in renal patients. whats your patients medical history? anything there that may indicate esrd or renal insufficancy? i know, i know... if the oj has potassium in it and potassium is ordered, then why is it still contraindicated? the oj can actually increase the prescribed dose of kcl.
  7. by   GingerSue
    no renal disease that I'm aware of

    good point about the OJ with potassium

    how about apple juice?

    Or one source said "cold" water to help re: the bitter taste