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Recently my son was turned down(2nd time) for clinical in LPN nursing for the Nursing. He has fulfilled all the requirements to be eligible for nursing clinical. He has a Associates Degree from the... Read More

  1. by   asherms
    I don't think anyone should take these things personal. The school I went to had 137 qualified applications and only accepted 36. The males in my class were almost "catered" too, seemed to get away with more. Suppose it was a way of supporting males in the profession. My class was multi-aged and multi-cultural.

    Once he does get into a program there will be so many more events, situations and opportunities that might not always go his way - first lesson - don't take these things personal.

    I applied to 2 community schools, 2 univeristies - did NOT apply to the multiple private schools - due to expense - and got wait listed at every one. Had to wait until the deadlines for the next year and re-apply.

    My GPA was 3.4 etc. It is tough to get in, tough all the way through, a tough test to get license, and now a tough job market. Don't take it personal.
  2. by   greenbeanio
    I agree. My school (which is a community college) accepts only about 20% of those who apply. So that's 80% that don't get in each year. If you're still reading this thread, I'd reiterate what I said about getting NCLEX books and studying out of them till he knows the information back and forth and can take the tests and score really well.
  3. by   Lennonninja
    At the campus I attend, if you don't have all As in the required classes and an excellent TEAS score (probably >85 or so) you really have no chance at getting in at all. Hundreds of people apply every semester and only 10-40 are accepted. The people who are accepted are going to have all As and high scores. It's great that his grades are improving by retaking classes but he really needs to bring them up to As.

    Nursing school admission is a privilege, not a legal right. If you tried going to a lawyer to try to force the school to admit him, I'm pretty sure he'd be blacklisted forever.