Opinions re: Primary Nursing

  1. I recently started a new job working med-surg at a teaching hospital. The nurses here use Primary Nursing. There is MUCH confusion between shifts as to how primary nursing is practiced. At my hospital we work 10 hr shifts. Days and evenings have a 5 hr overlap, evening and nights has an hour and nights and days has 45 minutes. What is your experience with primary nursing??
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  3. by   lactationrn
    My favorite nursing model is team nursing: One RN one LPN one NA for a group of 10-15 pts (medsurg) the pts were so happy and had no complaints about never seeing a staff member. they essentially had 3 at their disposal!

    {rimary nursing is what I do now. Either 8 hours, or 12 hours. Really miss team nursing!
  4. by   P_RN
    I agree we called it PODS but it is team nursing. Some patients even said they'd never seen so many "nurses" while in a hospital.

    Our three PODS even stayed the same room numbers. You knew if you had 3 discharges you WILL get 3 admissions. If you had no discharges then you got no admissions.