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  1. by   rph3664
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    Sorry, but not all children with autism are different early on. If a child has the type of autism where they develop typically and then start losing previously acquired skills, there is nothing to be ''honest'' about. And I don't think it is ever a good idea to suggest that parents of children with special needs are somehow in denial... we've got plenty of professionals to do that for us, haven't we?
    I may have told you about them, but I know a family whose son has the "classic" autism where the child appears to be developing completely normally until age 2 1/2 and then completely and irreversibly withdraws.

    We can't blame any modern environmental toxins, etc. for this because he's over 60 years old. He has a younger half brother (same dad, different moms) who has a Ph.D. but will probably never have a job because he just doesn't have the social skills to maintain employment.