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just want to get some feedback from those of you who work in icu's regarding visitation. does your hospital allow open visitation or do you have set visiting hours? if you have set visiting hours,... Read More

  1. by   BittyBabyGrower
    I'm in a NICU also and we have open visitation, but the visitors have to be with a parent, 3 at the bedside at one time (one being the parent). We have visitation hours from 11a-3p 4p-7p 730p-10p. Only parents may visit 24 hours. We found that allowing most families unlimited visitors ended the fights with families at the front desk. But, we also have them read over the rules, sign the little paper that says yup I read this and agree with it and will abide by it, and if they are disruptive or the baby can't handle a lot of stim, then we boot out all others and restrict it to parents only. No, preemies don't have to entertain their visitors, but the parents and visitors will all be telling baby to wake up, you're being lazy, want to play pass the baby, etc. We just put our foot down, and usually, most of them are okay with it. You have to have limitations.
  2. by   misscece
    i don't know - i've done both nicu and adult icu and i still say that adult visitors are a lot harder to deal with. for me, parents were mostly just afraid - imagine how petrifying it is to see your little baby with wires and lines everywhere - or to see them crying with an ett in and not making a sound. i found that education was the key with them in that once they understood that i knew what i was talking about, they tended to "trust" their baby more with me and that they tended to follow my suggestions more readily. in adult icu's you can't even get family members to honor living wills let alone listen to anyone outside of the family. sick babies scare the hell out of people and i think people are more likely to let them be when they start to trend downwards. with adults it's more like "hang in there! you can do it!!" everyone's convinced that despite the fact that grandpa is 96 and on a breathing machine in kidney failure, the fact he's a WWII vet means he's tough as nails to this day. my nicu also had written guidelines that had to be signed. this would be a good thing for adults icu's i agree - but when people act like they don't see the big ass writing (literally) on the walls stating visiting hours (or act like you just made up the hours despite it being in print) i don't know what good it would do.