Online Job Search Sucks....An Easier Way?!

  1. Just curious on your thoughts. I have been researching, and applying to jobs only for the last week and a half. (Not long, I know). However, in this modern age, I can't help but feel that the internet, and all these sites (Monster, Workopolis....etc) are actual deterrents to getting a job. These sites are flooded with applicants daily, so it's almost like a lottery.

    Not that I am ruling them out, but I am looking for areas that don't have postings, using my contacts, and trying to figure out creative ways to look for work. Half of these sites don't even list an actual HR contact person. Today, for example, I spent 10 minutes navigating through phone hell trying to reach HR.

    I miss the old days, when you could just call and or go in person. While the internet is useful, we have undoubtedly created a monster.

    After my exam, I think I will open the phone book and just do cold calls for a few days. The "Apply Online" is already getting on my nerves. You aren't even sure if your resume made it through cyberspace, and even trying to get through to HR to confirm that is sometimes a nightmare.

    Any thoughts, or ideas? Do others feel the same way?
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  3. by   Redhead28
    Each individual system usually has an online application and you are able to upload your resume. I've found that I've been called within a week by an HR person. I know the system I work for at this time has computers in the office for people that "walk in" so it would be of no benefit to go in.
  4. by   joanna73
    I just think with the flood of applicants that they are receiving, whether or not you can upload your resume, it makes me wonder. The reality is, HR is receiving maybe 300-800 applications for sometimes 5 positions in this market. 2 years ago, not such a big deal. Now...?

    I remember when we used to screen resumes for a company I worked for, that was the case. And back then, the market wasn't nearly as competitive.
  5. by   coolpeach
    If you go in they will just tell you to go home and apply online or direct you to a computer to do so there. I haven't had any problems and usually get a calls within a few days. I like the internet job search because I can apply to a lot of different places without leaving my house.
  6. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Used to be where you would sit down in an office and put some effort forth applying, diligently filling out the application, giving the employer the ability to see one's legibility, neatness, and syntax let alone dress and manners. Now with online applying with one click you've applied to a nether world of endless web circular files. It's so anonymous!! arrgh!
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  7. by   carolmaccas66
    One job I applied for I was told (when this should have been confidential) that 3,000 people applied. It took 3 days full time for the 3 people interviewing to narrow the successful applicants down.
    It also really annoys me when you do online applications after you hit 'send', then you get a standard email saying 'if you do not hear from us in such-and-such a time your application has been unsuccessful, and thank you for applying' or some such BS. I think it is just so incredibly rude considering the time we put into the thousands of jobs we apply for.
    I have actually gone and taken my application into the facility (where possible of course) and asked to speak to the person in the job app. I ask some questions, then hand them my application. Usually that gets you through. If not leave it with the receptionist then call in 2 days just to 'remind' them. I also say, in the application and in person "I'm really looking forward to meeting with you" - that way it is more personal and shows you are expecting an interview, and that you are serious.
    Another trick is find out who the unit nurse manager is for the area you are applying for (just ring up the facility), send in your app to HR and send one the nurse manager. If they query you just say you thought it would be courteous for them to have one, and you look forward to meeting them - crawl a bit if you really want the job!
    But yeah you proably will get lost amongst the thousands of other applicants unless you get smart. You could also, after sending in your app, ring up the relevant person and say: "So when are you doing interviews? I am free on such-and-such a day at anytime' - that may be helpful.
    It is discouraging - took me a while to find another job, but most people if you showed you were enthusiastic (ie: calling in 2 days, talk to them on a personal level, make them laugh) will get back to you quicker and interview you.
    You will get a position if you believe in yourself, but yes, it can be incredibly depressing; I've been there just recently.
  8. by   joanna73
    Thank you for your replies. As some of you have said, applying online just seems so impersonal. I know that if I could get the interview, I could definitely sell myself. Even to try to follow up now is challenging. However, it is true that applying online also allows you to send out mass resumes.

    I guess I'm still kind of old school. I just find the generic messages annoying. Oh well...I'll have to contend with it. No choice.