Online CPR certificate?

  1. Has anyone done this online is it valid, I was thinking of taking this course since my card is expired and I am currently unemployed due to having a baby and it seems really convenient. Thanks
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  3. by   BabyRN2Be
    Hmm.. I really don't know anything about this, but it doesn't sound like it's possible. I mean, don't you have to demonstrate that you know what to do? I don't think that CPR is something that you can learn online. It's just too important to be able to demonstrate what you are doing, and it would be a hard thing to do without a high tech "dummy".

    I could be wrong though... that's happened before.
  4. by   NewEnglandRN
    i know you can now renew your certification online if you are presently certified through there are some agencies that will allow you to study online and then go to a test center to show your skills. if you do a search on google, they will show up on the right side-bar.

    here is the info on the american heart assc. courses:

    bls - healthcare provider online renewal course
    the online bls renewal course provides a review for healthcare professionals who have prior cpr training. this program recognizes that healthcare professionals have knowledge and skills acquired from prior cpr training and years of patient care. more
    instructor update for heartsaver aed webcast
    ecc programs invites all american heart association basic life support and heartsaver instructors and training center coordinators to join us for the heartsaver aed update webcast. this update gives you important information about the new heartsaver aed course. more
    heartcode acls anywhere
    american heart association's new e-learning program. complete the 10 core cases and exam on your own computer, attend a skills check-off at an aha training center or just enhance your skills by practicing and receive immediate feedback. more

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  5. by   PurplefreakNM
    Be very, very, very careful.

    We just had a number of folks use some of the "on-line" courses. Most of them are purely slick marketing. There is ONE course that provides an American Heart Association card--and it states clearly that it is an AHA course. You may complete the didatic and cognative component on-line, but you must go somewhere to have your skills verified. These are hands-on skills and knowledge, you have to be able to demonstrate competency in applying the content. Good luck and beware!