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Hi! I just had a simple question I thought maybe you guys could answer. I'm just graduating high school this year and I've been thinking about a career in nursing. I've applied to University for a 4... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    He is from Canada, not the US............................
  2. by   FutureNurse2005
    In ontario, it takes 4 years to get your BSCN. Any extra training is of course extra time.

    check out the canadian board for more info!
    good luck!
  3. by   Cherish
    Canada's military is different so the military option is not valid. He's Canadian so I'm guessing (population wise) he is living in the provinces of Ontario or Quebec (if your a Maritimer then ADN option you can take but they may be changing that). In Ontario you need a bachelors to become an RN (many other provinces are thinking about doing this also, so Canada may be a country where you NEED a BScN). I was born there but now live here in the US so whatever I get is valid (BSN is what my route of choice is), not so in Canada.
  4. by   mocsgrl
    YOu can do it! I wanted to do nursing right out of high school and didnt because I wanted a social life...bad reason. I am confident you will not regret this decision.

    By the way....does anyone know if its possible to work full time and go to nursing school part time? ...Its probably better to go ahead and do it now and there are tons of options within nursing