One of those days I like being a nurse

  1. I recently started a new job, been a hectic and nerve wrecking time. During my days in the last 2 weeks, I've had times where there wasn't something to be done right then, I would go check on a patient or stay with one before a procedure and talk with them, hold their hand or pat them on the leg or shoulder and try to reassure them about what was going on. I've felt such satisfaction with knowing I made their visit a little less stressful. I've received several "hunt me down" and thank me's before they would leave which surprised me very much and made me feel really good. I had almost resigned myself to getting out of nursing before this job. Today I received a lady who was coming in for a procedure. When I went in to getting her prepped and ready she was sobbing with tears and all....she almost made me cry. She told me once I was able to relieve some of her anxiety that she was schizophrenic on medications but was just terribly scared. Luckily today was a very slow day...only had about 4 pts ...and I was able to stay with her most of the time till we took her to the procedure room then I was with her most of that time and I took over her recovery too. Today I felt like I made a difference in the experience she had today and it could have easily turned into one where she was not consoled much at all.
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  3. by   RNonsense
    Thats great...I love days like that! Not that there is many of them anymore...
  4. by   Disablednurse
    Working in LTC can be a thankless job when looking at it from how management treats nurses and others who work directly with the residents. I could always be ready to go back the next day after having a hard day with management when the residents would tell me how much they loved me and that they would be glad to see me "tomorrow" or when a resident's family would tell me when the resident had passed that "mother" or "father" really loved you and spoke well of you. That was always enough to make me feel 10 feet tall, even if the management had just made me feel about 1 inch tall. It is all about the patients/.
  5. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Yep.......just had one of those days myself.

    One of the last days I worked on the floor, I took care of a 96 year old lady who passed away. She had a lot of family present and was a DNRCC, expected to pass, but you know it is still hard....well as my day was very light, I ws able to offer a lot of TLC to her and to the family.

    Yesterday I received a card in the mail from the daughter who lives about 150 miles away. She expressed her thanks to me so sweetly it made me cry. I felt great that I was able to help her & that sweet family.

    Yeah, things like that will make up for a lot of s***, won't it?
  6. by   Hidi74
    These stories are why I want to be a nurse!
  7. by   RN always
    yep, you sure can't do this kind of thing being a bank teller or a secretary, not that those are bad jobs but you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing your special day.
  8. by   Anaclaire
    These types of "Warm Fuzzies" that we receive from patients and families really and truly do make nursing a very special profession, don't they? When I'd had a bad day, I liked to look back over the day and see if I could find a warm fuzzy or two. Some days I didn't but I would always have many from the past in my mind to fall back on. The special ones will stand out in your mind forever too!

    This is a really great thread! I love to hear the positive aspects of nursing!!!
  9. by   sixes
    My very first job I was asked to do a short term contract at a camp for disabled children. I worked night shift 1900 -700. I was in a cbin with 15 disabled children. My primary job was to take care of a hydrocephalic child with a trach. She needed 24 hour nursing.
    Of course I took care of anyone who woke up during the night, so the counsellors could sleep. I taught them how to make a bed with the person in it. I showed them little tricks of the trade.
    It was a wonderful experience. I was green and a little frightened this being my first job.
    The last night when I arrived the cabin was all decorated and they made me a beautiful card signed by all the children.
    The card simply said " Nightshift Angel Nanny"
    It brought a tear to my eye that these beautiful children had thought of me that way.
    I was hooked on one to one care after that and made my decision to do home nursing care:kiss
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Yesterday I had three psychotic patients who had been refusing meds for all nurses - and they all took them .