On-line CPR renewal: help!

  1. I am a CA RN. My CPR card has expired and I need to renew ASAP: does anyone know of a repuatable on line CPR course I could take that meet requirements? Thank you.
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  3. by   begalli
    Hi HarryPotter,

    You can do the written part of the BLS for Healthcare Providers renewal at the AHA website. Cost is $15. Takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to complete the written part.

    To complete your renewal, you need to print off your certificate of complete of the written part and take it to a AHA training center (or a trainer you know) who can check you off on your skills.

    I did this in September. The only problem is that this is so new, many training centers have heard about it, but aren't completely prepared to do it.

    I called and then took my certificate to my local fire station. A firefighter AHA certified trainer checked me off. I knew a couple of these guys so they did me a favor. Maye you know someone who can do you a favor?

    You end up with the same AHA card as you would wit any AHA HCP BLS class.
  4. by   angel_eyz_09
    My CPR License expired on 4/27/09!! I've been trying to figure out a way to renew it but i've been hitting nothing but dead ends. I was wondering if anyone knew a website i can go onto to renew it but a free website. I dont have a credit card and i've been looking, but every website i go to has a charge. If someone could help me i would GREATLY appreciate it. THANKS!!!!
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    DO WHT???