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  1. I'm just curious what other hospital pay for on call pay? At our hospital we get $13.00 to be on call for the shift. If you are called in you get time 1/2. This has not changed in YEARS. I am looking for national trends to better our situation. Thanks Julie
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  3. by   justanurse
    I live in the eastern mid-west. My hospital pays $2.25/hour to be on call with time & a half if called in.
  4. by   Heather27
    $1.30/hr...REGULAR pay for the first 3 hours if called in...time and a half for the rest, IF you have to stay. *sigh*
  5. by   OB4ME
    We get $2.25/hr to be on-call-and time and 1/2 if called in. The last place I worked at (4 mo ago) paid $1.75/hr to be on-call and time and 1/2 if called in-portal to portal, which means you are on the clock for your drive to and from work , up to an hour each way.
  6. by   CANRN
    The hospital I work in pays $1.25 an hour to be on call and no 1/2 time for being called in. We are only placed on LCA (Low census availability) if census is low and we were scheduled to work. Their theory is, "you were scheduled anyway, so why pay time and half when you get called in?"

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  7. by   EDchrisRN
    We get $2/hour for on-call and time and 1/2 if called in for all hours worked. We also have a guarantee of 2 hours pay no matter what. For example,if you get called in and things cool down and you are sent home 1 hour later, you will get paid for 2 hours.
  8. by   Margy
    Hi all... Im from Australia, so maybe this is not relevent for you guys but, well, I'll tell you anyway!
    We get $13.00 for weekdays, and $23.90 for weekends.
    If we get called in we get time and a half for the first 3 hours and then double time thereafter.
    If we get called in for less than 3 hours we still get paid for the 3
    Cheers, Marg