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Where I work, the 4 nurses each take a week and take the beeper and are on call. The call is for questions,(med issues) advice, if its really bad, we come in... etc.. (residential facility for kids... Read More

  1. by   Gromit
    Well, not knowing the full situation, I would not presume to guess about weather or not the RN on duty is totally clueless, or has just been 'beat into submission' by the 'we've always done it this way' attitude of the place. BUT its a common NCLEX question (can an LPN assess) and since an LPN cannot, it should go without saying that a CNA CERTAINLY CAN NOT. But I've seen enough over the years to know that common sense is uncommon. The place you describe is (I agree with the bagladyrn) way too dangerous to YOUR health and well-being, not to mention your license. If you stay, I'd have insurance and cover my butt as much as possible -but better yet, run don't walk -out of that situation as fast as possible. NOTHING good can come of this place.
    I can't say much for todays' parents, but if I'd broken my ankle at school, and the "nurse" had just told me to 'ice it' and get on with my day at school, and my parents had to take me in later that day when I got home (or did I totally misread this?) SOMEBODY would be held accountable for not recognizing a bad situation, and calling my parents to come and take me to a hospital to get checked out.

    Of course, I had parents who were very much a part of my childhood. That does kind of set me aside as 'different' from many, I suppose.

    Quite a few times (while working in EMS) people called ambulances (and a number of times at elementary schools) and wanted us to tell them if they had broken their (leg, arm, foot, whatever) because they didn't really want to go to the hospital :angryfire but my standard response for these remarkably uh inept, comments was "I'm sorry ma'am, my x-ray glasses don't seem to be working lately. MY suggestion is that we go to the hospital and use THEIR equipment -just to be sure, of course "