old hospital nurse/new mmq nurse in ltc facility

  1. just accepted a mmq nurse position in a 180 bed long term care facility. no experience, never did a mmq or mds etc. was hosp.supervisor for several years, i have been assured i will get training etc. but feeling overwhelmed..any help, tips,hints,courses,seminars etc. would be very much appreciated. work in western ma. area.
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    What is a MMQ nurse? As far as the MDS aspect, I recomend joining AANAC.org and checking out the Geriatric/ MDS coordinators section on allnurses.
    I've been in LTC for the last 12 yrs from CNA to DON. I recomend walking the walk so you can talk the talk. Get out on the floor and work a few shifts. You will see and learn a ton that you couldn't if you were in an office. LTC really is a different world from the hospital nursing.
  4. by   bargainhound
    In Oklahoma the state holds seminars.
    Maybe your state also offers some tutorials.
  5. by   suereb
    thanks, i will continue to look in this area