Ohio get together.............

  1. Okay I have been working with shellybelly to get some place that are mid state and close to eways. How does Dayton sound? I know it is far for some..........almost 2 hours from columbus, 2 from Toledo and I think 2 from Cinnci? Please post to this thread if you can think of where we can meet? I am shooting for something off 75.

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    hehe! neener neener neener! I'll still meet Shelly before any of you will!

    Something off of 75 sounds incredibly wonderful and easy! I love the no-brainer stuff!

    When were we thinking about planning this shindig?

  4. by   panda_181
    I think it's great you all are planning to meet...what a little family...

  5. by   renerian
    I was shooting for this month. I am starting a new job tomarrow so I have to wait and see what my weekend to work is. I know it will probably he hard to get everyone together due to weekends and working them. Heather you and Shelly could meet huh?

  6. by   renerian
    Thanks Panda! To bad you do not live closer. I think this could be alot of fun!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by renerian
    Heather you and Shelly could meet huh?
    She's actually close enough for me to spit on (but I wouldn't do that to her )

    She ordered a cake from me for a baby shower. I'll get to meet her this weekend when I deliver it!

    Weekend huh? Well, this coming weekend is my weekend off, and I work every other. And my next weekend off is no good. (19th & 20th - soccer games and birthday parties up the kazoo!)

    Let me know!

  8. by   renerian
    I know I am hoping to have it before the bad weather hits. We all know what that is like in Ohio! Heather I did not know you made cakes???????Cool!

    Originally posted by renerian
    Heather I did not know you made cakes???????Cool!
    Yuppers. And if I can make it..... I'll bring cake!

  10. by   ryaninmtv
    An Ohio get together, sounds groovy. I live 50 miles north of Columbus. Just say when and where.

    Great idea renerian!!
  11. by   renerian
    I live in Delaware County.........we are really pretty close ryan. I am going to wait a few days and see who all wants to come then I will post the spot with some directions. Like I said I am picking something off 75 and near an exit. Thanks shellybelly again for helping me with places to eat and numbers in that area.

  12. by   l.rae
    l work in Dayton!....how about DAyton Mall?........LR
  13. by   renerian
    WE are looking at places off 75 that are easy to find. I have a list I am working with once I find out who wants to come. Do you work just during the week? I think we need to do it on a weekend since everyones weekdays schedules are probably busy. Is the mall near an exit at 75?

  14. by   Mkue
    Hey ! it sounds like fun !! I haven't been to Dayton in a long time but I'm sure I could find it.. I've been to Columbus more often.

    This weekend I'll be in FT. WAYNE !! and I'm busy on the 26th of this month, as far as I know that's it.

    Anything off of I-75 is pretty easy for me and a MALL sounds GREAT..lol..