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Certified Medication Aide Course Outline Day 1: Introduction to the role of the CMA Day 2: Medical Terminology, Abbreviations, Symbols Day 3: Overview of Anatomy & Physiology Day... Read More

  1. by   BradleyRN
    Quote from cmatobe
    But I believe that over time, the nurses will begin to trust us and depend on us
    I dont see any prudent nurse ever trusting a medication aide. 20 days of training to pass meds is ridiculous. I had more than that just to be a CNA, and i wasnt displacing the job of a licensed nurse. If you want to give meds, then become a nurse. That is our job! :spin:
  2. by   melisa_s
    Quote from marilynmom
    20 days to start passing meds? Wow is all I can say.
    Florida it is a four hour class.

    I spent 11 Years as a Med Aide in the State of Kansas, which is a 75 hour course. We are Liable for our own actions, not our nurse. My Med Aide to Patient Ratio was 67 to 1. I passed ALL Meds, did Finger sticks (nurse did injections) TXs, dealt with the Aides so the Nurse was not bugged, Assisted with Meals, Answered Call Lights, Took Care of the Pharmacy when they came in, made sure everything was stocked and ordered. And in 11 years I had ONE Med Error. Passed meds in front of State Several Times with out ever an incident!

    I now Regret Moving to Ohio. You mention that you passed meds and the nurses treat you like you are beneath them, because your not a nurse you cannot possibly have the mental capability to pass meds. I Went to College, and Every Moment that was spent in school, was learning Meds.

    And Kansas Nurses are still Paid very well.... While med aides make maybe $1 more then the CNAs.