Oh "wise ones" need some help asap (re: my son)

  1. He woke up this am with HORRIBLE HIVES They are huge and all over.

    Called the pediatrician (woke her up at 5am ) She said to give him Benedryl every 6 hours which cleared them up for a few hours then they have come back BAD. The poor little guy is itching up a storm...my question to you is what can I do in between doses to help him with the itch?
    Hydrocort. cream didn't seem to alleviate the itching...
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  3. by   jdomep
    PS... he has been sick all week with a cold (but now she thinks because of the hives it may be viral)
  4. by   AJACKT33Z
    Take to pediatrition NOW!!!! dx's are a dr's realm & this is not a place where to get tx for that poor kid!!!
  5. by   tattooednursie
    I had hives really bad once when I was little. I took baths in this medicatd bath stuff called "Aventeeno" or something like that. It helped with the itching.
  6. by   jdomep
    I had him there and am not looking for a diagnosis...I was just wondering what might help the itchies.. other than cold compresses...sorry ...
  7. by   Youda
    Tepid bath in oatmeal, Alveeno is good. If you don't have that, put oatmeal in a sock and pat the skin. NO SOAP. Rewash all linens and clothes withOUT soap and run through the wash cycle several times. (Not likely this is the cause, but any residual soaps on clothes and linens can irritate already inflammed skin). You could also try Aloe Vera (available in many pharmacies in gallon jugs). Use on a small area only at first.

    And even though you've already been to the ER, if the child continues to be uncomfortable, take him back to the ER. He may need some oral steroids for a few days.

    Poor child. He must be miserable!
  8. by   jdomep
    Thanks! I just sent DH to pick up some Aveeno. Hopefully with the bath and bedtime benedryl he'll sleep well. If not I will call his pediatrician again and if need be we'll go in to her office again tomorrow. I appreciate the anti itch info

    I hate when my boys are sick
  9. by   Mkue
    Cute picture of your boys Julie ! I only have 3 young men.

    Ok, so I hope the hives are better, that is really scary isn't it. I had hives once when I was in my early 20's, couldn't see, eyes were swollen shut.. it was scary so can imagine how a little person feels. Benydryl was my first thought too, glad you got some good advice for symptoms.

    Take Care,

    Marie (mom of 3 males)
  10. by   bagladyrn
    Aveeno works well. I'd also suggest putting cotton socks over his hands so he doesn't unconciously scratch at his skin in his sleep.
    I got hives a couple of times as a kid, and once as an older teen. Had to go to ER and get epi each time, as it progressed to an aniphylactic reaction very quickly. Never did figure out what it was that I was allergic to, but I don't mess around with hives.

  12. by   rdhdnrs
    Aveeno works; also try Eucerin cream (not lotion), Aquaphor cream, I used Triamcinolone cream on my daughter who had atopic dermatitis as a baby, but it's a steroid and you can't use it for long. Good luck.
  13. by   jdomep
    FYI - He sank into the aveeno bath and said "Ah mommy that feels soooo good ) He got his Benadryl and within 30 minutes the hives have subsided once again... at least he should sleep well for a few hours ...

  14. by   dianah
    When my kids had chicken pox the Benadryl just didn't seem to take care of the itching. I'd taken Atarax for a recent poison oak bout, and it had worked GREAT!! no break-through itching!! So I phoned the pediatrician and she gave the OK to use 1/2 tab just for 2-3 days, to help the kids sleep. It worked VERY WELL!! FYI. Hope the little guy's soon better (itching is NO FUN!!!) -- D