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My close friend who is an RN and I work per diem for an agency that sends nurses to administer vaccinations for the US Armed Services. I am licensed in NY. From what I understand, you cannot work... Read More

  1. by   karenchad
    thank-you for the compliment. I remember one of my first tests in nursing 30 years ago was on Licensure- endorsement, reciprocity, examination - the only three ways a nurse can obtain or practice nursing LEGALLY. The opportunity sounds like a scam- because if the person offering you that position was a nurse or a legitiment NURSE. NURSING CAREER RECRUITER or SPECIALIST they would not have tried to intice you with the lure of money and already know the 3 wys i mentioned above. when i call the different travel agencies- all the usual players seen advertised- the second question they ask is where do you hold a license, the first ques is where are you looking to travel to. That woman in the situation you described sounds - to me- like she is trying to make money off your licen. maybe you should report the insident with her name, phone number to your BON and let them investigate/prosecute her- the BON has more money and means to operate then just you or me alone. The BON can also act to protect nursing (us) Read the BON 's purpose on their opening webpage- to protect the citizens and profession of nursing . never forget the basics we were taught in nursing school- i don't think they will stear us wrong. It seems like the scam artists have now invaded nursing practice. good luck and be wise- READ, READ and READ
  2. by   karenchad
    just another thought- maybe that woman is a nurse who lost her own lices- possibly through drug diversion and needs money any way she can get it. another good reson to notify the BON with name, phone number and formal complaint- ( sorry that's the sherlock holms in me - or the ACLS- "hunt for a cause" )
  3. by   pagandeva2000
    She has an active RN license (of course, I checked). I suspect that she is greedy and does not consider the situation she places her staff in as long as she gets paid. Not a good thing.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    Just to drop another update; after I received the email response from my state BON, I asked to be sure if I could not work in another state. She responded yesterday that it is up to the individual state, so, I sent an email to the PA BON, and their response was what I expected-that they do not allow nurses to practice without at least a temporary license...which, of course, would not have been made available within a few days.

    While I can't say that I trust any BON, I can certainly say that I had two almost immediate responses from two different states, mine and PA. This is a word of warning to people...when you are not sure, contact them. You'll be better off at least knowing what risks you are taking before you leap, and let no one just tell you anything.