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My daughter was recently dx with ODD-oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD--without the AD. Now I know you can treat the ADHD with medication but I was told (by the school counselor no less) that... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Just like a diabetic needs insulin or person with high BP blood pressure meds, persons with ADD/ADHD benefit from stimulant type medications.

    When discussing my sons problems with then 89yo grandmother she said "that's just like my younest brother Joe". I always knew my Uncle had problem focussing on tasks and was a dreamer/deep thinker. As soon as my granmother mentioned him, I finally understood my Uncle. He ran a farm successfuly for 30 years after parents died. He struggled to read, has a wicked sense of humor and is a gentle soul, just like my son. It has affected him all his life ( he's now in late 70's) and I believe my son will need meds lifelong too.
  2. by   researchrabbit
    Please be aware that Zyprexa (and Paxil as well) can cause weight gain (particularly awful for adolescents), and plan for exercise and healthy diets accordingly.
  3. by   Just Angi
    (((((Robyn))))) My son is six. He has been diagnosed with both ADHD and ODD. If you want to you can pm me and I'll PM back with how we handle his difficulties. This is not your fault no matter how the schools try to make you feel. We have struggled with his schools since he was in K-4. Good luck and let me know if I can help at all.