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I am currently doing my preceptorship for nursing school on the ob floor at the local hospital. Recently I have been hearing about ob nurses who have never been oriented to the med surg units and... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    Sounds like that attitude that nurse is just a nurse but that is not true. You can't float me to L&D I have no clue. Just like an OB nurse going into NICU. Orientation doesn't mean squat just familiarization of where things are that is all. I hate floating because I feel like an idiot not knowing a thing. It makes the regular staff work harder because they have to show me the ropes. I refuse to float if I don't get good training after all it is your license.
  2. by   LauraRN0501
    This IS a sore subject, as someone mentioned before. In my hospital, the nurses on my unit (med/surg) are expected to cover EVERY department, even if it only means going to women's care to cover phones. The last time that happened, the nurse who had to go left her pt's for the rest of us to cover! We cover ICU/OB and ER when necessary. I think 3 times in the last year have I seen a nurse from another unit help us, and those were ICU nurses that came out to do some admissions when they had no patients.

    I see nothing wrong or life threatening with nurses from other units going to other floors to assist with tasks such as hanging IVs, doing blood sugars, easy things that we all can do. I don't mind helping other units myself, it gives me opportunities to learn.

  3. by   fergus51
    I would love someone floating to OB to answer phones, but personally I don't want non-OB nurses taking patient assignments in OB anymore than I want to take an assignment in med/surg. I find this especially bothersome on PP because med-surg nurses are not trained for it, and even if the patients are medically stable, they have a lot of other issues to deal with. I would feel so sorry for a med-surg nurse who had to try and solve latching problems!!! It isn't fair to them or the patient.