O.B. help!

  1. I need to do a small presentation for my O.B. rotation. Could someone help me with some ideas?
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  3. by   MedSurgeNewbie
    Breastfeeding is always a good one and there are TONS of things out there you can even grab a lactation consultant to come speak with enough notice they are typically happy to do so - I did mine on teen pregancy, even whent to a shelter for teen moms to get ideas of thing they wanted from there nurses it was fun
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    How about nutrition requirements for pregnant and lactating moms?

    Or coping techniques for labor pain management (non pharmacological/nursing intervention things of course)

    Or discuss common drugs/meds used in labor/delivery and postpartum units

    Or a presentation you would give to new parents regarding newborn care---e.g. feeding, bathing, diapering, dr visits, etc.

    These are some ideas anyhow....