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I was just wondering how everybody's nursing/pharmacy relations are because I currently work in a pharmacy in a hospital so I know our side of the story, but I was wondering what nurses think of... Read More

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    With the exception of one pharmacist who grills nurses on persnickety, petty details like what brand of Vitamin C a patient is taking (like a dementia patient from the nursing home is gonna know that?!), our hospital pharmacy is an excellent resource when we have questions about a new drug or how to administer something we've never had on the floor before. I just wish we had 'em around 24 hours a day......they go home at 11 PM weeknights and at 7 PM on the weekends. Oh well, that's life in a small city hospital......sigh.......

    Hi Marla . . . well, try small TOWN hospital Our pharmacy is a 30 second walk down two short hallways. So if I'm missing a med, I just go get it! Also, we have a cupboard with standard meds we use all the time and can draw from that when pharmacy is closed. Our pharmacy staff gets to the hospital at 7 a.m. and leaves at 3 p.m. on weekdays. The pharmacist comes in on weekends in the mornings for an hour or two to check orders and narcs. But he is our only pharmacist and so when he is gone, the supervisor gets the meds and the DON is on-call for narcs. Our pharmacist was gone this weekend so he overstocked all the patients. All new admit's meds were gotten by the supervisor.

    Like I said, I love our pharmacist and his staff.