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Heh, heh, fortunately I have the nrsg supervisor office phone programmed into my cellphone caller ID, and also the supervisor cellphone I, of course, know by heart. As soon as I got that call today,... Read More

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    Quote from mjlrn97
    I'm here to tell you, it's not much fun on the OTHER end of that phone, either. I've been yelled at, hung up on, and cussed out........most often by the husbands/boyfriends of staff members. To say the least, I don't enjoy calling people in to work on their days off, but sometimes it's necessary, and once in a while I'd appreciate the courtesy of an answer, or a return call---even one saying you won't come in. You don't have to justify it, you don't have to tell me why..........just respond and say No so I can go on to the next person on the list!
    Aren't you going to the next person on the list, anyway, though? Back in my floor days, my family and friends all used a code if they wanted to get in touch with me on my day off... 4 rings, twice, and I'd pick up the third time they dialed. This was in pre-caller ID and answering machine days, and they understood the guilt games the supervisors played to try to get us to come in. Those alone put a damper on my hard-earned days off.
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    Cut the phone off and put your feet up, because "
    "An emergency on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part".
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