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just thought about the next full moon coming up.........loonies......... and that they tend to happen in threes....... and any others out there......... getting ready for work............ Read More

  1. by   jevans
    I've got one from the UK!
    Never put red and white flowers in a vase belonging to a critically ill patient. They don't do well. If they are very poorly they die!!!!!!!!! Horrible thought.
  2. by   Fervous
    All so true... But what do you do if you can't open the window? I don't like the bathroom door thing, too eerie.

    As for seeing things... I work in a Catholic hospital that used to run by nuns. Some still live on the premises. Anyway, there's one that some people catch a glimpse of from time to time and and if you follow her into which ever room you'll find an expired pt. Too eerie?.? Happened to a good friend of mine.
  3. by   fbcobrn
    In L and D: stamp up C/section papers to ward it off..
    If bed was turned down/prenatal history pulled and pt doesn't show up, don't undo it....I've seen this left for 4 shifts !
    Q-word phobia / or do OB Dance to bring IN business.
    If it stays Q too**s gonna hit the fan.
    We have good luck nut we hang outside the room door.
  4. by   JBudd
    Never, ever say "Gee, staffing looks really good for tomorrow!"
  5. by   micro

    micrro is a factualllllll......truly sheeee isss.......but donnnn't get heeeer talking about ghosts and superstitions........because there are such things in life that we mere mortal being will never understand..............

    so just end this trajectory to say..........micro will do anything to ward off superstitions, werevolves. etc.........

    including making others watch micro's dance of ward off...........evil spirits.................

    if you don't love micro by now, you very, very, very strongly dislike her........and that is k' by micro

    lots of love to all,
  6. by   Casey7
    People definately die in threes!!!
    People in a nursing home go crazy at the full moon.
    There are always crows (in a nursing home) before someone dies.
    And on 3rd shift if all the "mentally stable" patients say a man has been in their room at night, be prepared.
  7. by   MPHkatie
    A few years ago we had a statistics student- who was married to a nruse try to debunk our full moon theory. He came in a actually did a paper about it, tracked stats for several months and voila, found that the Emergency department saw about 50% more traffic on the days and night of a full moon and also, saw more women going to L and D, so I guess thats not just a superstition anymore. One unit I worked in used to have a horrid stuffed bird they would hang in patients rooms to help them pass on (critical care- pts were sufferring terribly) The patients always died. The bird was brought back from a unit sponsered trip, but then management got word of it and the bird is no more, but the staff persist in wearing bird necklaces, earrings and t shirts on occassion, it's a little morbid.
  8. by   NurseDaniMarie
    I've worked 7p-7a in ICU for 1 1/2 years now, and we always say that if we have an empty bed, about 6am they will call a code. It seems to happen when some of our non-monitored floor nurses make rounds.
  9. by   fedupnurse
    Never, ever utter the Q word.
    If I have an open bed I turn the light on and prepare the room for a total train wreck. Has worked every time-10 years running. I have either gotten no admission or a cake one who should have been discharged to home from the ER.
    I'll have to try that knot deal-never heard of that one. Should it be on the patients dominant side????
    Our windows don't open. It is definetly different. In our old unit we could and I swear the rooms weren't as cursed as they are now.
    We also have certain rooms where we don't like to put certain types of patinets. In room 3 balloon pumps do poorly. In room 12 if they sound like they will be long term DO NOT put them in that room. Stuff like that.
  10. by   mamabear
    This is doubly true in psych
    The full moon draws psychotics out of thin air
    Never mention the name of any FF's, especially borderline women
    Never mention having a q**** shift
    When you're told there's no chance of getting any unplanned, afterhours admissions, be prepared
  11. by   mattsmom81
    'Room' superstitions seem common out there....after we get a few real bad experiences in Room 12 everyone does get a tad paranoid about it....walks in making the sign of the cross or crossing themselves..

    Agree with the vasoactive drips...don't pull 'em down and toss 'em til you have to or the patient will need 'em stat...same for central or A lines ('specially those with with zero veins.) Keep 'em til infection control is screamin' at ya is my motto! LOL!

    And yes, if I outfit an ICU room completely for a trainwreck I likely won't get an admit...unless of course it's 6 am then I'm SOL...

    6am is called 'last call' nursing rounds on the floors.... we in ICU always tense up around 'the' favorite time for a floor code...we tried to stay caught up...then have a good natured teasing argument whose turn it was to go... "You go this time, my last 3 haven't made it"..." Hey, Jon, you 'saved' the last 2, wanta try for 3?"

    Silly stuff probably only nurses can smile about... Fun thread guys!
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  12. by   fedupnurse
    Another very bad thing in the ICU setting and probably on the floors: You have a long term deathly ill patient on the unit for weeks or months. One day the family comes out and says "I think he actually looks better today. In fact he looks good." Call the funeral home, get the suit ready and order the flowers cause he's gonna die within a day or two.
    As far as hauntings, definetly believe it. Several years ago a few of us were working nights on Halloween. We were talking about ghosts in the hospital and one my colleagues was saying we were all crazy because there are no such thing as ghosts. About a minute later an intubation tray on top of the code cart flew up into the air and landed face down on the floor in front of the cart. The naysayer was suddenly a believer!
    To any of you new to nursing out there all of this is true! Don't take down your drips, put the code cart outside the patients room, get the room ready for a hit, and never ever utter that Q word!
    Happy Nurses Day everyone!!
  13. by   nursejer
    I never ask a patient "are you okay or "are you feeling all right today?" I tell them they are safe and I seem to have lots of good outcomes.