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OMG!!!! Found this on Fox News website. Cannot believe it. on: ISTANBUL, Turkey-Turkey's health minister says high school girls training to be nurses must be virgins and the... Read More

  1. by   duckie
    When I first read this post, I honestly thought it was a joke. Then I got my newspaper and saw the article and I was outraged. I thank God for the good old USA and our freedoms that we take for granted so frequently. My heart aches for these women!!
  2. by   curious
    Having just gotten back from there (my husband is part Turkish)...

    Turkey may be a Muslim country, but it promotes strict seperation of religion and government functions. For example, a religious official cannot perform a marriage ceremony- only the government ceremony is considered official. A new law requires women to not wear traditional headscarves when attending university. There are some things that are lagging, but perhaps that would be better understood when you see the rate at which the country is changing and the generations are changing. It is truly amazing. I know a woman, for example, who is a successful computer engineer in Istanbul and recently married someone she had been dating for many years. Her mother, on the other hand, had had an arranged marriage at 16 years old and is a traditional homemaker.

    Also, just like any other religion (look at fundamentalist Christians, for example, or contrast the average values of middle America with other areas of the US) there are going to be extreme groups with extreme viewpoints. Unfortunately, the portrayal of Muslims as extremist is part of the Western media. I've had the pleasure of meeting many warm and hospitable people, some more traditional, some less, during my visits.

    Just thought I've give that perspective...
  3. by   jamistlc
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    I saw that in the paper today also. That is abominable! Hand me the rat poison, I choose my own fate.

    And what will they do besides deny them admission to nursing school if found to not be virgins?? Beat them??

    I will keep all Turkish women in my prayers.
    Actually i think it is "Stoning to Death" or is it redue the female circumsion to close the vaginal opening. That is also a custom there in Muslim states "Genital Mutilation" real bad scene for women. In addition I talked with a girl from a muslim state like Iran who told me she had to convince her father that she was not being afornicator from the knowledge of men that she gained from being a nurse. She also told me that a male nurse is rare and is not allowed to have a female patient. I know I will never go there to work!

    In fact I asked if it was appropriate for her to talk with me, being that I am a male. She said casually yes but to talk about reproductive health issues NO! We talked all night in the All Nurses chat! About what else what we think about reproductive health issues and female castration/circumsision! LOL! It is sad that these states are so controlling, it makes you very glad to be an American! Free speech and examples like this!
  4. by   jamistlc
    Originally posted by misti_z
    I work with a nurse who is in her 40s and who is from India. She has been in the US for 6 years now. She graduated from nursing school in India when she was 18, started school when she was 16. The school would not let women/girls in if they were not virgins and unmarried. They also HAD to live in a dorm-type community and be in by 6pm during the week and 9pm on weekend, also had to have written proof that they were going to see family on weekends.
    You reminded me with your post. In the not so distant past 38 years ago in fact here in Columbus, Ohio USA, my mom was inschool at a hospital for nursing. She lived in a dorm too. She was not allowed to be married to be in the program, nor pregnant! She had got pregnant then married my father. She did not graduate d/t this fact so she says! I have been told by one of her classmates that this was true and also that she did not have the academics to stay in the program too! Either way in our American past we had restrictions on women who wanted to be nurses! I do not know but it sounds like males were excluded from the program

    Oh she became a resp. therapist instead back when you could get grandfathered into that without a degree.
  5. by   essarge
    I showed this article to my department head who has been in nursing for 35 years or so. She also stated that student nurses could not be married or, heaven forbid, get pregnant while in school. She stated that if this happened, they were immediately dismissed from school.

    Thank God times have changed in that respect!! Otherwise, at 45, I wouldn't have a chance at becoming a nurse, and since there are fewer younger people coming into the field, imagine how short it would be if those "standards" were still in place!!