Nursing Student needs HELP!!!

  1. Hey ya'll!
    Got a quick question......Can anyone give me a web address that gives info pertaining to the Heart ( video stream of it pumping
    Jen) and/or a web address for listening to normal & abnormal breath sounds??? I have just started Nursing school (yippy!) and could use the help! Thanks guys....a bunch!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Here is one site.

    Try by typing in normal and abnormal breath and heart sounds
  4. by   grnvillechick
    The best thing you could do is NOT try to hear what everything sounds like..or looks like from a cartoon standpoint...get in the field gal!!! As a Nursing student you rate as a qualified tech at most hospitals...go !!! apply today!!! part time -- prn...who cares ? as long as you get the exposure you seek...know what a foley looks like before studying up on it...see a heart cath performed ...rather than a cartoon illustration...get hired..and be vocal...tell them you WANT to see it all...few medical people turn down an extra pair of helping hands...esp eager ones!!! the more you see the better and more confident you will feel at of luck...and use this helps!!!
  5. by   hoolahan
    Try this site too, it has everything a student could ever want, or links to it!...
    Good luck!
    PS heart cath is a great idea, but even cooler is open heart surgery!