Nursing student needs help please

  1. I am currently enroled in a BA program starting on my last semester of my jr. year. I am having to take Nursing Research and I know what I want my subjectto cover ER/Trauma/Forensic Nursing however I need a good topic for this research paper. Any sugestions would be great-thank you
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  3. by   babs_rn
    Violence in the ED, perhaps?
  4. by   janbin
    Originally posted by babs_rn:
    Violence in the ED, perhaps?
  5. by   janbin
    you may consider the topic of ALOC (altered level of conciousness which is a big part of presentations in ED from head injury, ilnness, hypo or hyperglycaemia etc to just plain drunkeness ED sees it allQUOTE]Originally posted by janbin:

  6. by   ShannonB25
    Literacy in the ED, with relation to discharge instructions? Maybe?