Nursing skill book

  1. Please does anyone know the best book/Cd rom for Nursing skills /procedures?
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  3. by   Brown_1057
    here is a skill website but i dont know what type of skills need first year or second year nursing. hope they help. :studyowl:
  4. by   gstrahan

    Photo Guide of Nursing Skills

    That book was recommended to me by several people and it is great. It has detailed pictures of the procedures and a couple of sentences explaining what you see in the picture. A lot better that just reading how to do it. I bought mine on Ebay for around 20 bucks.

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  5. by   MARIAN202
    i agree the photo guide of nursing skills saundra f. smith is excellent
  6. by   mtngrl
    I have a book from the "made incredibly easy" series on nursing procedures. Can't recall the exact title but it's a good book on skills. I think it's "nursing procedure made incredibly easy". You can order it at Barnes amd Noble online.