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  1. I am currently an ADN student and should be graduating next summer. My husband and I want to relocate. It really does not matter where, except I don't want to be "trapped" in my house due to winter weather more than a week at a time. I absolutely hate being cold, but what I hate more is the town we live in now. We are looking for a "college town" of some sort. However, we were wondering about the town with the best salary for beginning RNs. Any suggestions?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Ric
    Come on down..........Would love to talk to you about Corpus Christi, TX....You wouldn't even have to switch states. The weather is GREAT and hurricanes haven't been around for over 20 years. Pay isn't bad.......beach, sun, cool weather in the short winter and rain is an off-again, on-again thing. What's your specialty? I only log onto this for a few minutes a day, but would love to talk to you about your specialty and how WE might be able to lure you down! Sunny skies tomarrow with a high of about 90 degrees and the sea trout are biting! (something for your husband!)
  4. by   Jenny P
    The Twin Cities nurses just voted today and I just got word from the Hotline that we rejected a contract that offers $40+ K to new grads and $69K for senior nurses. Our State Nursing Association (MNA) is our bargaining unit, and we want better salaries and benefits for our nurses, not only the ones now covered by this contract, but also future nurses. We are willing to strike for the future of nursing; and though it is scary going through this again, we hope that between now and June 1st the 13 hospitals involved will come back to the negotiating table and seriously bargain with us now that they have finally heard us.
  5. by   hanginginthere

    I'm a student myself and I also don't want to stay in this city when I graduate because of the cold weather. Go to : and check all the cities you would like to live in for nursing salaries. Good luck.
  6. by   davisll
    Clemson is a great college town in South Carolina, I have lived here for 10 years and love it from moving from the North. Plenty of hospitals to chose from 4 in the area surrounding us all within 30 minutes away. The weather is great 90 today and sunny and we hardly ever get snow maybe once a year and it melts the next day. Pay in the hospitals for RN's I am not sure of but I would imagine around $20 hr. I am a school nurse so I am not familiar with the pay. I think you would love Clemson where Clemson University is. I do. Remember to the cost of living is much lower then most places.

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