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  1. by   marmi6
    Wondering what is the salary of a RN in North Carolina. If someone could post info!!
  2. by   nancyh
    Im a senior nursing student in a BSN program in Southern NJ. The graduated from my school start at 37,500 a year. There are many reasons for why we are treated the way we are. Som of them are right on the money and others aren't. First, we are a female based profession. stats show that 70- 90% of all nurses come from alcoholic or abused families and that they chose this career because they found it easier to take care of others then themselves. Is it a surptise, then, that we can act as a patient advocate yet not advocate for ourselves? Furthermore we have veryu little representation in higher government. We have only recently gotten our first nurse into congress, and she was president of the ANA. The ANA is the strongest professional organixation in this country. Unfortunately it represents one of the weakest groups of professionals. Also, all healthcare personell are paid poorly. Noone ever feels sorry for the doctor becausr of the amount of money he commnands, but if you stopped to compare it to what he made before the advent of the HMO, they took a staggering hit financially. They also lost a lot of autonomy. No one was higher in authority than a doctor. now business men govern him. What the AMA did as a result of these changes to the Healthcare struture was they went to Law school, and they went to business school for MBA's and put themselves back at the top of the totem poles. Dids nurses ever try to get more power really? There are 2 mill. nurses in this country. The majority of the healthcare team. What a formidible forse we'd make if we could stop being scared of demanding what we're worth. Wasn't there a major strike in Ohio (i think) and the main tactic the hospitals used to stop the strike was to make nurses feel guilty for (abandoning) the patients? It's because we care so much that they can use these tactics. Most of us went into this field because it was our calling to heal.
    so what can we do? every nurse that reads this, go back to your hospitals and unions are start a petition to the ANA to represent us the way we deserve. And get your buts into higher positions of authority. Start writing articles for journals and newspapers. Take your complaints up the chain of commND AND IF THEY DONT LISTEN BECOME A MUCKRAKER! Most importantly, realize that we must work for better conditions and don't passively wait for nothing to come. If hospitals do not pay well, go to the places that do! They'll realize soon enough what we're worth.

    this is the most am,azing profession with the most amazing people and I am honored to become a part of it, but it makes me sad to see that we don't realize the power each person has to better our profession. We are the future and if we sit around whining, well, you see where we are now? it gets worse.

  3. by   Ramona2
    It has been somewhat of a reality check reading some of these postings. I have come to a couple of conclusions regarding my future as an RN. First of all, I will not work my butt off for 4yrs completing school in hopes for a better future for my child and myself only to be oppressed (single parent). Making $21.00/hr (about $13-$14 American) will not pay the student loan and bills (not to mention our outrageous taxes) while leaving us with a comfortable life style. To top this off, the Health Council wants to place nurses in B.C.under their umbrella further oppressing the nursing profession. Yes, nursing is a predominantly female profession, therefore (I believe is why) we get walked over. Why do we let it happen? As so well stated by an above ad, there are so many of us that if we were only to join forces we could fight for the respect we deserve. This site is an excellent medium for nurses to collaborate and see just how bad things really are worldwide.
    Like many of my nursing student collegues, I am considering on relocating to the States upon my graduation, probably California. I feel like I am betraying my country in time of crises, but I need to think about me.

  4. by   doobie
    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    I work in public health in Ontario Canada and make about$23/hour ( we are actually on salary and work a 35 hour work week). We are unionized and our contract has been up since March. I expect a raise when it is finally negotiated. Our pay scale has 9 levels, so with the current scale (with no raises at all), in 8 years I will make about $30/hour. I work Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30, with the occasional evening. No nights, no holidays, and so far no weekends. We don't get overtime, we get flex time. So if I end up working 2 extra hours one day, the next day I just come in 2 hours late.While I may not make as much as a hospital nurse, I would never change spots. No stress, very flexible work week, I sit at my own desk with a computer, free parking.I think it's pretty good. I got this job right out of school (BScN) and worked 1 year as casual before I became full time. The only way I'll leave is if they fire me.
  5. by   Charly
    This is a horror-show preview. It truly is amazing how different wages are world-wide. I am working as a travel nurse in a low-acuity CCU. With 5 years experience in the States, I've been offered close to $23/hr base + shift and weekend differentials here in CT. In MI, I've been offered $22.36/hr base + 8% shift & weekend diff. Living in Canada and working in MI has the upside of currency exchange in that the US dollar is worth about 50% more...just like in some stereotypical third world nations. Canada has kept it's trappings in appearances I guess. Even though a lot of Windsor (the Canadian city directly a mile across from Detroit) citizens that work in Detroit pay double income tax (I know some that have paid $8000-$17,000/year towards Canadian taxes despite minimal sheltering through retirement savings plans on both sides of the border) it appears to be a viable deal compared to horrific ones I've read about here. Detroit is fighting hard to overcome their shortage. Nursing fairs are weekly attracting new grads. Windsor has 2 hospitals expanding but desperately seeks more docs. The big 3 (Chrysler, Ford, GM)auto plants are expanding too. It's a job in itself to find the best possible options. I'm going home...
  6. by   terriMCGSN
    After reading the above messages I feel discouraged. Like the others I feel nurses need to learn to be more assertive in dealing with salary issues. Every woman today has to learn to demand what she is worth. I am an older student and have worked in the corporate setting and have seen the "Good Ol Boy Network" in full swing. No matter where women work we have to fight for what we are worth. Don't just sit back and take the first salary offered when looking for a job, negotiate. Make them see just have valuable you are. I hope to see a change over the next several years in the nursing profession. We can make a difference if we work as a team.
  7. by   b1b05969

    Don't feel bad about leaving. I left last year and it has been the best decision of my life. When you pay half your wage in taxes it is really time to consider your options and California is a great one.

  8. by   lita1857
    Here in rochester, NY lots of sign on bonuses/relocation money etc. I checked w/human resources AKA employee services starting wage for RN 13-15/hr=27-31k PLUS benefits...shift diffs(1.00eves/1.50nights)wkend diff(1.00days/2.25eves/3.50nights)time and a half on holidays, health ins/$3000 per yr for tuiton reimbursement,403b,flexible spending plan etc. Rent in this area $600-800per mo.houses around $100,000($60 for fixer-upper on up to $350-400,000)
  9. by   lita1857
    Sorry!!! I read my own post and don't want you to think I consider this good-I don't just wanted to give facts. I personally make$62K as a base, last year I made $72K for about 50hrs work each week the year before $86K for 60-80hrs per week. This is the problem, I've been a nurse nurses coming out are not going to kill themselves for low wages that rise VERY slowly and STOP low.
  10. by   alyciaboo
    it seems as if the salaries greatly vary from place to place, though the cost of living i'm sure also varies. i work at a community hospital in NJ. last year i started here at 19.01/hr. that was the base pay for all NEW rns with less than 3 yrs experience. though i did have a couple of years experience as a lpn that was taken into consideration. over the last year we did receive a "market adjustment" now i make 19.98 w/ night diff of 2.00. also working for agency greatly pays off a nurse that works w/ us daily from an agency makes 38.00 for the same work. makes you think.
  11. by   myda922
    I've read a lot of the above posts. I'm sure that many will agree with me that nursing pay really stinks, compared with teachers, some factory workers, and of course hospital CEOs (I have to say the CEO at our hospital has less education then most of the nursing staff). We have much more responsiblity with none of the compensation. I just don't get it
  12. by   PINKYE1
    Here's my 2cents worth from so. cali. I make approx. 65K, do the math folks. I work in a state prison and personally feel much safer than I would in any ER or clinic. Additionally, I belong to the union, get dental and vision free and can expect a good retirement. Has anyone considered correctional nursing? It's a great eye-opener and not a difficult job. You see the gamut of afflictions and gain much experience. I wouldn't say I'm satisfied, I won't be until All NURSES are treated as the professionals they are. However, I'm content with my salary at this time and my choice to work in the correctional system. I welcome replies...
  13. by   ktrn
    I have been an RN for 3 years. I now work in the ER and make a little over $17/hr. And new nurses make more than that d/t competing hospitals. We also have a shift/wknd diff. We also get two raises a year (not much of one though). The good thing is that it is fairly inexpensive to live in this part of Kentucky.