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  1. by   lesliee
    I'm a new grad and just got my first nursing job yesterday! I live in Northern California and will be making $22/hr. to work on an Alzheimer's unit in a SNF. In my opinion, not a bad way to begin my nursing career.
  2. by   NorthernRN
    To add on to your RN's in San Antonio are making $20+/hr and the larger hospital systems are paying about that for experienced, specialized RN's. Dialysis clinics are paying a little less than that...about $18/hr + to start. But you also have to consider what they will deduct from your pay for med/dental benefits.
  3. by   qchamb
    Hey, I am psych nurse in Illinois. I have read all of the previous postings and agree with everyone else. I make a base of 15.23/hr plus .85 shift diff, in a small town in the middle of Illinois. Our benefi packet could be better, no dental. I am a BSN psych nurse with 3yrs of experience. I have been thinking about that legal nurse consulting, can you give me more specific details on just how profitable this field can be. Including yourself or anyone reading this, please e-mail me if you have info on this field to share at Thanks.
    Originally posted by PattieD:
    I just finished reading all the previous postings on this subject and I agree that our salaries suck. And, unfortunately, the reasons are quite obvious. We are a predominantly female profession and our "voices" (being NLN and our state nurses associations) aren't doing anything other than collecting our dues. I, for one, feel that until our voices are heard, it won't change. I agree with the unions, but we need to be unionized nationally, not just in certain localities. I'm not quite sure how we go about this, but I intend to find out. I have a friend who's brother works for the union and I am planning to meet with him to start a union here in the Richmond, Va. area. But, I don't want to stop there. We would have a lot more say if we were all united. Does anyone know how to light a fire under the NLN? If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them. I know there is a union in northern Va. and I have seen their contract. It sure looks a lot better than what we have here. I presently work in home health, making $35/visit, $45 for openings. But it is a medicare agency, so by the time I actually do the paperwork, I make about $11.25/hr for the work I do. I also do staff relief, but we have to contend with HCA hospitals that treat us as badly as their own employees. My only reprieve is my legal nurse consulting and life care Planning business, for which I am paid very well, but just getting going good right now. Please contact me if you have any suggestions on how to get a national union for nurses. Or maybe we just need to take over "our" NLN and run it like it should be run.
  4. by   binky
    Well let's here from Mississippi...Who is so far behind...I have been a nurse for 18 years and i am a manager of OB NSY and PP for the going salary of 16.42/hr.....We have been forced to cover 24hr shifts for a month until we have trained help, but no on wants such high risk area.....
  5. by   Joe
    I have worked just short of 2 years and make 17 HR plus a 2 dollar shift differential in Kansas City. I am a BSN and there may be a ladder but no one is sure. The individual wages varies wildly with little rime or reason. Some experienced BSN's make a lot less than the Associate GN's hired at about the same time. The agency staff can make 40 dollars an HR on days and who knows what they make on nights.
    It is sad nurses put up with the poor staffing and low pay. If wages don't go up I may vote with my feet. I can make more in a lower stress job with no experience and no training!

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  6. by   binky
    Hello from Mississippi.....I am a nurse manager of a OB/PP/Nursery unit and my base payis 16.97....I get 1.00 for being the manager....I also have to be included in the staff for pt care (which I love).but then there is all the extra things such as budget, managing and I just don't think 1.00/hr cuts I requested to go back to staff nurse and give them the 1.00/hr back and the BIG headache... RN's and LPN's get 1.00 night shift diff.....EMT's and CNA's don't get the diff.....which causes resentment
    We have a hospital which is afraid of growing and it is and the administration is freaking out...No nurses are even applying and this cheap place would not ever offer a bonus or anything to attract a nurse........................
  7. by   Mrs.A.3rd
    hello from sunny las vegas where I am an lpn in a snf employed as resident care manager and mds coordinator
    severe shortage..looking for a charge nurse/lpn 17 bucks/hr
    come on down !!
  8. by   nursekathy
    Originally posted by Mrs.A.3rd:
    hello from sunny las vegas where I am an lpn in a snf employed as resident care manager and mds coordinator
    severe shortage..looking for a charge nurse/lpn 17 bucks/hr
    come on down !!
  9. by   Mary H.
    In sunny outdoor and good skiing Reno, base pay for RN is $18.16. I just got an offer from a facility in town for $30+/hr for night staff RN. Come on over, there's lots to do and plenty of jobs.
  10. by   seamus
    In reading all these different wages I can only hope that some day tha ANA will carry as much weight as the AMA. Until then consider union!
    UOTE]Originally posted by iamme457:
    I live in Pittsburgh PA, the base hourly rate I make is $17.71 add $1 an hour to night shift. I work in Med/surg ICU have 8 years experience including ER, Trauma and Critical Care Transport(flight)the hospital I am working in may end up going out of business.
    I supplement my income with agency assignments, on a weekday at a nursing home I make $24/hr on weekends $26/hr, more than overtime pays at my regular job.
    Middle management layoffs have occured over the last 5 years but no bedside nursing jobs have been eliminated yet. Many nurses have quit because of low pay and understaffing and no raise for the last 8 years at this facility also no career ladder and the school reimbursement is being cut soon. There are other higher paying hospitals in Pittsburgh but all have a history of layoffs for staff nurses so there is no job security.
    Welcome to the Rust Belt........many patients are indigents/self pay which means free hospital stay. The loss of jobs for the steelworkers really hurt, union jobs usually had wonderful benefits that paid for all the medical needs.
    I dont know that there is a solution to this problem...Low pay, high stress.
    Someday a nurse will be in the Smithsonian Institute as an extinct species..just kidding.
    Not sure where this is headed, 5 years ago I said it couldnt get any worse but look at where we are now. My grandmother was a nurse and things have certainly changed and improved since the 1930's tuberculosis was their big challenge as was polio. She took care of Teddy Roosevelt as he sat in a wheelchair. I have more complex skills, much more autonomy, a higher level of stress and get paid a much higher rate than she did. I have a benefit package (meager as it is) and I am allowed to be married and have kids while in nursing school. I also have a leave of absence for maternity-she had to quit to raise her family, I can work while pregnant-she wasnt allowed to.
    Working in a constantly changing profession is a challenge but I dont think I would be quite as happy doing anything else.

  11. by   FBB044
    Hey there!
    I'm an RN with 7yrs experience in various areas of nursing from critical care to home health. For the past 3 yrs I've been working as an occupational health nurse making 50K+/yr with a benefit pk worth around 15K/yr and that's for 3 days/wk. On my days off, if I choose, I work in an ED for 20/hr just for kicks. I figured out early in my nursing career that if you want to make any money in this profession GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL! I think the bottom line is to be loyal to no one but yourself and your profession. Certainly not a hospital. My services are sold to whoever wants to pay the most for them.
  12. by   tootlet
    I'm an RN on a surgical floor making $16.80 with 3 years experience. I'm contingent (casual or prn) so I don't receive benefits and make the same hourly as those that do. We work 12.5 hour shifts with $1.50 shift differential. I work with nurses with 15 years experience that make about $.90 more an hour than I do. Our CICU nurses make the same. But I usually have only 6 patients with 2 of them fresh surgeries a day. Some of my classmates have as many as 12 patients and are making the same in other area hospitals. We've just unionized and are waiting to see what happens. I love nursing but also have to juggle with the "do I do patient care or chart" time constraints. And I have to continually chaff doctors to do their job like "what route and frequency of demerol on this order?"
  13. by   lita1857
    FBBO44, I saw it's your first post...EXCELLENT..I'll be watching for more opinions!!! I love when people say it like it is.