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    I am a first year nursing student and one of my courses is on nursing research. Personally I am finding this topic fascinating and made me question how can we as nurses challenge procedures that have been shown through research not to be beneficial to clients and therefore implement something that has been shown to work if nurses have no support from the people in charge? Are we trapped doing something we feel is not right or do we have the ability to change things and if so how?

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  3. by   purplemania
    1) join a committee where you work.
    2) join a nursing association and get involved. If none exists, start one.
    3) create a newsletter for nurses in your area and post it online (I created a "group" via FREE). I got the emails from word of mouth and by sending postcards to nurses in my area whose address I got from the Board.
  4. by   emmy
    Thanks purplemania,
    I'ts great to know that there is something we can do in the event of resistance from those in positions of power.
    Some of the literature I have been reading so far makes it seem so hopeless so it has been really great to get this feedback.