Nursing "General" Orientation

  1. How long is your general nursing orientation and what kinds of things are included? We are looking at revamping ours and are curious about what other places are doing.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    Hospital-wide orientation is one day for non-nurses, two for nurses.

    New employee orientation on the floor is usually 3 days

    New transfer orientation to a new unit is at least a month. Change specialties and it's 3-6 months.

    New grad orientation is 3 months
  4. by   fultzymom
    LTC here: We have a two week orientation to the floor for all new nurses. Then if they feel they need more orientation they are told to let someone know. For brand-new grads it depends on how they do. We orient them to the floor, the policies et procedures, med passes (SO LONG!) general routine of the floor they are going to be working, ect. Many times ours is a case by case basis, or (I hate to say this!!) when the office people feel we can no longer wait to have them out on their own. Yes, I know this is not a good policy et I did not like it when they did it to me, but they did it any ways. We also teach our infection control policies, who to notify for different probems or situations that may arise, et things of that nature.
  5. by   bren3299
    We have something called Core orientation and it lasts 2 days. Has classroom presentations for things that are hospital-wide policy, such as documentation, discharge and admission guidelines, etc. There are also skills reviews for central line care, wound care, tube feeding, etc. The presenters are educators from various units of the hospital.
    The manager that hired the employee negotiates with the new hire as to how long they feel their orientation to the specific unit needs to be. They are buddied with a senior nurse for a set period of time, which can be extended if the new hire or the person doing the orientation feels the person may need more time before flying solo.