Nursing Jobs-Best Salary

  1. I'm a 2nd yr RN student with lots of medical background and ready to supplement that with another BS degree. Not worried about the money, but just wondering besides CRNA and NP, what type of RN's make the most money WITHOUT additional training.
    what type of RN roles make the most money WITH additional training? Is this training in hospital/on the job or at a school? How long? I was thinking of doing ultrasound or cath lab but not sure how much extra training I will need and if the training is on the job or in school for another few years. Thanks for the input.
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  3. by   llg
    Salary studdies have consistently shown that nurses in administration make the most money -- with or without additional education. However, in today's market, most (but not all) of the highest level nurse executives have graduate degrees.

  4. by   Q.
    As a candidate for a Clinical Nurse Specialist position (that requires additional training - a graduate degree) I can say that the salary offering is starting to become more reasonable...however, is still in line with what my husband makes in the IT industry without having to obtain a Master's degree.

    So it still sucks, in my opinion.
  5. by   Dr. Kate
    I'm with llg, the best money is in administration. But, so are the biggest headaches, the most pressure (take a poll of nurse managers and administrators, bet a high percentage are on antihypertensives), and the least sense of job security.
    Depending on waht you're willing to do (strike relief) and how much you're willing to work, in the right market you can make quite a lot of money.
    Is it ever what we or the job is worth, no. But, hey, we live in a society that pays the most to movie actors and ball players. What do you expect--nurses are not entertainment.