nursing income in texas, california,and georgia

  1. Hi, I'm graduating from a nursing program soon. Although I am from California I decided to go to school in Texas because my family is originally from here. When I graduate from nursing school with a BSN I'm not sure if I'm going to make Texas my permanate home. I'm interested in moving to Georgia or back to California. Can anyone tell me the how much nurses make in these states? Or particular interest to me is the pay in Med-Surg, and ER. Can someone tell me the average pay that nurses make in the metropolitarian areas in Texas as well? Thanks.
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    BTW sorry for the use of income instead of salary in the thread's title. I've tried to change it, but since I'm not being tech savvy I was unable to do so.
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    Starting grad nurse base pay in Georgia is around $20/hr. It may be a little higher in big cities, lower in small communities.
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    hey! I am a new RN in Texas in an ER, I make 19.50 for day with 2.00 differential for nights. Hope that helps.