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  1. Hey all! I'm doing a presentation on women in China relating to health care, nursing, traditions, problems in acclimating into America, health care issues. Does anyone have any direct experience or know of any helpful web sites? Or any nurses that are Chinese or are in China? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   gwenith
    One of our most frequent posters from China is a-rose but I just checked her bio and she hasn't posted since the 15th. She is in the middle of the SARS epidemic - I do hope she is OK.

    She posted a while ago looking for people to talk to and make friends with so I am sure that she would help you out if she can.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I met some nurses from China in Los Vegas. They were on a tour of the US. One was fluent in English.
    We were talking around the pool. Most asked me questions. They did tell me (hard to converse through a translator) there are two systems, traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Most nurses want to combine the two.
    These nurses were not able to understand how willing I was to discuss staffing problems. US nurses involvement in political action was totally outside their experience.
    Then the non nurse tour guide (also fluent in English) went to the bathroom.
    Suddenly these nurses told of unsafe staffing, rude doctors, and lack of supplies!

    One even remarked through the English speaker she wished the guide had taken a laxative so they could tell me more! Then came giggles.

    I hope those aquaintences are OK with SARs.
    Oh the joke here in LA is that if you look Chinese and want to get to the head of a line start to sneeze.
  5. by   xueer
    Hi I am a nurse from china,What do you want to konw about china?I hope I can give you give you some help.

    There are some nursing websites in china,but all of them are in chinese,I`m afraid you can not understand it.
  6. by   esrun-a
    Thanks Gwenith, I hope a-rose is OK.

    Xueer, hi, I guess maybe a topic you feel most important in reference to being a female nurse from China; the challenges you have come across. If you have some good/bad points about the health care system in China and maybe compare to the US's system.! My portion of the group project is concerning health problems in women that live in China and health problems of women from China that live in the US! Thanks for your reply and sorry it took so long for me to respond!
  7. by   a-rose
    I am ok now.
    esrun-a: hope I could help you. But I am afraid that you understand my words because of my poor English. Do you read Chinese? If not, you tell me your particular question with E-mail or private message, please. And then, I would answer in brief English as correct as possible.
  8. by   gwenith
    Glad to hear you are OK a-rose. Thank-you for letting us know you are alright,
  9. by   a-rose
    Thank you, gwenith!
    I hope that all are alright!