Nursing in Belleville, Illinois????

  1. Attention members:

    If anyone has any information about living and working in Belleville, Illinois please post your experiences here for me to read.

    If you live within an hour's drive of Belleville, Illinois you may also post experiences regarding living and working there for me to read.

    Much thanks,
    Cheerful :kiss
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  3. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Hello, I live about 45 min. from Belleville. The only place I have any info about in Belleville is an agency. It's called Favorite Nurses and from what I hear the pay is around $30/hr for RNs on a weekday, day shift. Of course they pay more for weekends and a shift differential. One lady I know drives to St Louis about 30 or 40 min away to work.

    Sorry I don't have more info for you. Are you moving to the Belleville area?
  4. by   louloubell1
    Hi there Cheerfuldoer. I'm in Collinsville which is very close to Belleville. I like the area very much. I don't work on the Illinois side though, instead I work over in St. Louis. The pay across the river in St. Louis is a little better. What area of nursing are you looking at in Belleville?
  5. by   mramoth
    I live in the Belleville area actually about 45 minutes away from there but there are lots of nursing opportunities in that area snd in near by St Louis Missouri. It would be wise to apply for reciprocity in both Illinois and Missouri as St Louis is only abotu 20 minutes from Belleville. There are several large hospitals in St. Louis. Barnes Jewish and Saint Louis University Hospital are the 2 biggest. As for housing I am not really much on that as I own my own home but the area is nice to live is. The weather in the summer is hot an muggy its 91 here today with a heat index of 100 and its not even noon yet Winters arent bad we do get some snow but mostly its cold. I hope this helps