Nursing in Alaska

  1. Hello everyone. A great friend of mine gave me this membership as a birthday present back in June. I have now found the time to use this wonderful gift. Thanks G. for the great gift.

    I am curious about hospitals and jobs in Alaska. Can anyone give me any info? Are there any HCA facilities?
    I do not have a lot of experience, only about 5 months in CCU. I am not planning on going there in the next week, but...maybe within a year or two.
    Thanks Steve
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  3. by   Speechie
    Hi from Alaska-
    There are 3 main hospitals in Anchorage- the Native Medical Center, which is run by a tribal consortium, Providence Alaska Medical Center, a Catholic not-for-profit, and Alaska Regional, which I believe is a Columbia/HCA facility. There are other hospitals across the state; many associated with the AK Native system, several associated with Providence, and I believe the Fairbanks hospital is run by a Lutheran not-for-profit? I'm not a nurse, but i work in long term care with LOTS of wonderful nurses.
    Lots of people used to come to Alaska because the salaries were so good... but that's not really the case any more. The cost of living has really levelled out, and if you live in one of the major cities it isn't as expensive as living in LA or Boston or any one of many high-rent districts across the country. It IS expensive, however, to live in "the bush", and salaries generally reflect that.
    People should come to Alaska because it's a beautiful place, a great place to raise a family, and filled with really nice, down-to-earth people. BUT- be prepared to freeze your ears off right now it's -15 here outside my little office.
  4. by   sworr001
    Thanks for the reply. The later part of your response says it all. Thanks again.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I lived in the interior from 86 to 88 at Ft Greely (Delta Junction, AK) which is the end of the Al-Can highway. We were 500 miles northeast of Anchorage and 100 miles southwest of Fairbanks. For five months of the year, the road to Anchorage wasn't passable due to snow. We had 4 months of dark, 4 months of light and 4 months similar to the midwest. However, we did love it.
    here is a link to a gal i've done some business with. she may be able to answer some questions for you. she operates a bed &breakfast in anchorageanchorage alaska boutique style bed and breakfast ~ vacation rental ~ aawesome retreat her name is debigail cole and you can tell her that kathy in ohio gave you the info.
  7. by   shaazzaamm34
    Ugh... 4 months no light... Sounds like a never ending party... I like... But the Cooled weather... Ewh... I hate the winters In kentucky... Is it ever Warm?
  8. by   zolly786
    shaazzaamm, it's alaska. what are you expecting? 70 degrees in march? cuz that isn't going to happen.

    heck, i'm only 500 miles north of the canada/us border, and it's 10 degrees here (-10c) with 8 inches of snow on the ground. we don't have 24 hour dark here, but it's only light from 9-3 in december.

    things are a little bit different in this part of the world.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Where I was in the interior of Alaska, it got to 65 degrees once in the two years and yes, that felt very warm. However, in the winter it was 70 below zero.