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:eek: HELLO EVERYBODY I am a nursing student at the UNITEC institute of technology at Auckland. This week we had a debate on the computers and the nursing care. What I concluded is that Computers... Read More

  1. by   Shuja

    Dear rninformatics

    Sorry for writing that it was published 90 years ago. But one thing is there that we are still struggling to standardize our nursing language. It seems to be that after let us say 5 years we are still there trying to come to conclusion of having a common language.

    On thing is there, if the paper was published in 1998 but when was the conference held and there must have been a debate on this issue.That means work must have started long time ago but still we are almost no were untill it is started from the basic teaching instituitions.

    Sorry to write a short one I am in hurry now .
    Hope to write in future.

    Thankyou for all that work.
  2. by   dstout-rn
    I agree with rninformatics. I currently work as a travel nurse in a hospital with computerized charting and physican trying to figure out what they ordered, since the DOCTORS (residents and attendings) have to enter there own orders...ALL of them!!! About the deposition that was pure laziness on the part of the nurses. They should have been more careful in their charting that is not the computer's fault that wrong infomation was entered in the wrong place. I have never used computer charting until this assignment, and got two days to learn how to navigate the system while trying to learn where everything was and who was a nurse, RT or a doctor. Uh... I took my sweet time since my charting is all I have years from now when some lawyer gets a hold of the chart. I think computer charting is great I can read the writing of both nurses (some of us are just a guilty as the docs) and doctors, its easy to point and click and no patients' family flipping through the bedside charts (which does occur), no looking for missing papers or whole charts and if the NA needs to chart vitals and I need to chart a dressing change they can be done at the same time while the doctor makes medication changes.
    So give it some time and I know you will love it!
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    We use conputerized charting, in all three areas of OB, though delivery has a separate central monitoring system and computer system of their own...There was quite a bit of initial skepticism, and, while I do miss the narrative notes, in delivery, during the few times we have had to go back to paper charting, I cannot imagine how we did it with so many patients. I would NEVER give up charting by computer because I can add my own specialized notes if I like. And, to the person who mentioned a nurse accessing records, in our facility the system is routinely screened and privacy is a huge issue along with patient rights. Technically you are not even allowed to look up your own lab results or those of your family...PLUS, our systems tell you the last time you logged on so if you were off or on another unit, they would know you were using unauthorized entry....
  4. by   mother/babyRN
    Dab, I have to say I read your reply with much interest and you made quite a few interesting points. What I found most interesting and ironic was your quote that everybody deserves a chance...including a computer Actually they do have some quirks as you have mentioned. I really dislike that they are not personal to the patient and OUR docs still use handwritten orders...Pretty difficult if not impossible to fudge a chart though, as I have seen some docs and even a nurse or two, attempt to do after the fact..There is no lying from a computerized note...
  5. by   pooregirl
    HI everyone,
    I have been working with computerized charting for 3 years now. I thought we were behind the times where I work for the VA. I really like charting on the computer verses the paper way. Only one major problem, if it crashes it really makes your life crazy... We even do administer medications on the computer called BCMA, which I thought was great. Started to help decrease medication errors. Its a really useful system as long as it works. At first was time consuming trying to beat the clock and get all the meds. administered in a certain time frame. Our hospital has basically gone paperless. I like it and many of my co-workers do too. My handwriting is starting to suffer just a little. I am all for it though.
    Course it doesn't hurt if you can type really well either....
  6. by   PhantomRN
    I have used computerized charting for over 2 years now and I would not go back to paper charting.
    Computer charting is the wave of the future, we all need to get used to that idea.
  7. by   wannaretire
    Computer charting is the way of the future and the present it seems. I have no qualms with the idea provided someone comes up with an easier/home visiting friendly program to use. "Roadnotes" is the program we are using as visiting nurses and find it is a problem to document in homes most of the time especially when it comes to meaurements of wounds as each wound has aboout 2-3 different 'screens" . also having 50+ computer screens to chart on per patient compared to 3-4 papers is a real challenge. Nurses are taking home the laptop to complete their documentation as their day is full seeing 5-6 clients/day, traveling anywhwere from 30 to 120 miles/day, dropping off labs at hospitals/labs. Visits lasting from 30-60 minutes each and 60-90 minutes for an admission. Time spent on the laptop at home ranges anywhere from 2-4 hours after you have put in an 8 hour day and probably have not taken lunch. If someone can assist this problem it would be appreciated. On the plus side laptops have a library of information at your fingertips relating to careplans/medications/access of previous documentation. Will appreciate any help anyone can give relating to the time spent on laptops in order to document.