Nursing Home Robbery?!?!?!?

  1. Just what is this world coming to? Last week, an armed gunman went into a nursing home and demanded ALL the pills he/she could carry! I am appalled and disgusted! Why do things like this happen? How can someone be so cold and callous to another?
    Especially to an elderly person who can't defend their rights?

    The story is that the nurse had to run out to her car for a minute, left the facility door unlocked and it just so happens that a masked gunman was in the area at that time and "held up" the other nurse.

    I'm sure you all know what I think happened....sound like an inside job to you all? If it happened the way I think it did, I hope they take that nurse, throw her in lockup and throw away the key. No one like that deserves to be a nurse. Much less one in charge of our elderly.

    It was a small nursing home, about 40 beds, but by the same token, still, people were frightened and their medication stolen. Maybe life saving medication.

    Thanks for letting me vent everyone. I just get so very angry when the seniors are put in jeopardy. They are supposed to be kept safe from harm, not put in the middle of it!

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  3. by   oramar
    As controls are tightened on narcotic perscriptions addicts and their dealers are being forced afield to get drugs. I am positive the number of hospitals and nursing homes being hit will sky rocket as the laws grip tightens on the other scams they use to get what they want.