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  1. Well I have been a nurse for 3 years and now i'm going back to get my BSN. In one of my BSN classes I have to write a historical paper on an event or person in nursing history that has influenced the nursing field.
    Does anyone have any good ideas... i don't really want to do it on anything obvious like Florence Nightengale. Any good ideas let me know..
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  3. by   JBudd
    I posted about McCauley, on another thread about why nurses are called "sister", I think this lady is really an interesting person. She founded "careful nursing", predating or about the same time as Florence Nightengale. The entire article is a great snapshot of early "professionals".

    This paragraph is from an article about Catherine McAuley, who started nursing publicly in 1798, written about in
    "Careful nursing: a model for contemporary nursing practice" by Therese Connell Meehan BSN MA PhD RGN, (JAN 2002,44(1)), :

    sheds a lot of light on it. The entire article is really interesting.

    "These emerging nurses considered themselves a secular
    group in the common 19th century meaning of the term.
    That is, although they were faithful Catholics and Protestants,
    they were concerned with the world and its affairs.
    However, the plain, dark costume they adopted and their
    merciful work gave them a religious appearance. This
    impression together with existing social and political conditions
    led to a directive that they either form a religious
    order or give up their Institute. At first McAuley was firmly
    opposed to the idea of a religious order but as their work
    grew and its importance became more evident, she agreed to
    it (Moore 1841/1995, Harnett 1864). In 1831 they became
    the Religious Sisters of Mercy, and over time became major
    providers of nursing services in Ireland and around the
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    have worked with sisters of mercy for over 20 yrs of my career as very active in philly area.


    lots of nurse leaders noted here to choose from:

    ana nursing historical influence and timeline

    voices from the past...visions of the future

    ana hall of fame

    brownson's nursing notes has great [color=#333333]nursing history links to explore for ideas!

    since it's halloween soon, a trip through american association for the history of nursing gravesites a must!

    history of nursing resources on the internet - tompkins-mccaw library nursing history topics. african-american nurses: black nurses in ... the history of african-americans in white - pioneer african american women nurses ...

    ton's of ideas in these links!
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