Nursing experience (online)

  1. hi!! my name is mike... just started nursing program this winter 2002... i stumbled on this homepage and just browsed to see whats in here.. and finally decided to register... i could use some help from a nurse thats been practicing the profession in a while.
    I need an "ONLINE NURSE" to be interviewed (through e-mail or chat)... actually i will send u a questionnaire that u have to anwer.. and a consent stating that u (online nurse) will participate in this project... PLEASE!!! ... i will send u the files(microsoft word) that u need, anyone experience nurse thats interested please reply... I NEED UR HELP thank you.
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    work in a nursing home / group home for now.


  3. by   Marijke
    Hi Mike,

    You must be a student at Kwantlen. I have unfortunately just finished doing one of these assignements with a fellow student of yours, so I think I wont qualify to do it again.
    To all you RN's out there, please give Mike a hand, it was very easy to do and took hardly any time at all.

  4. by   zumalong
    Hi Mike, I'd be glad to help you. I have been a nurse for over 15 years and I also teach nursing. My email is Feel free to email me