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    As most of you know im 14 and am already looking into colleges. Well where I live theres a technical college (2year college) and I was wondering to become an RN how long does it take ? Also if I need more years can I stay at the 2 year college even if I have been there for more than 2 years? O by the way I did get the shadow kid job. Im going May 17th to the hospital and my mom is going to make me a scrub shirt. I think it will be cool. Also I get to stay at the hospital for 3 hours and when I get back to school (1:00) which will be after lunch im going to wear my scrub top to school. Cool huh? I dont care what other people think about me. Well I do but not that day. I think it will be so cool to become an RN. I just hope that a Technical school will be okay instead of a university because its right here in my hometown and I will be able to live with my parents and raise enough money for me a house. LOL Well sorry for the venting.
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    Hey Destany-

    Props for thinking ahead and getting information on what you want to do and having such a level head at 14. You remind me of me. HAHA.

    (What grade are you in- I was 14 my freshman years of HS, but I think I was one of the younger ones.. and wear that scrub with pride girl! They're not flattering but I've found that they hide stains well.)

    Are you interested in a BSN or ASN? If the school you're looking into is a junior college or communitry school, they may have an ASN or ADN program. You don't really go to school to get your 'RN'. You go to school to get your degree and education, then sit for the RN exam, so you can be an RN with a two year degree. (More people do this than get their BSN. The pay isn't too different for the degrees, the difference is what you want to do with your degree, and further education.)

    ALSO, be aware that a 'two year degree' may take a little bit longer, depending on the program and how loaded you're going to be during school. I'm going to get my BSN like I said, which should be a four year degree, but if I took the regular number of hours, it would take me three years just to get my requirements, then two more in a program. Does that make sense? Feel free to message me, email me, or whatever. I'm not a nurse yet, but if I can help at all, I will try.

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    Keep your head up, you seem to be very bright.