nursing careplan software?

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    I just attended a staff meeting & we all agree that our preprinted (archaic) NANDA nsg dx careplans that our hospital provides have got to go! They come preprinted with about 10 nsg dx, hardly any of which are pertinent to our patient population. There is a small space to hand write in any other nsg dx. LOL! I had worked at another hospital previously, in which we used NANDA dx software & were able to customize. I would like some suggestions please. Does anyone have nursing dx software programs that they use & like? We are looking for "personalization" and ease of use. I am tired of hand writing in nsg dx for every careplan (I am too busy for that!) A user friendly computer program might be nicer! Thanks in advance for your comments & suggestions.
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  3. by   P_RN
    We used the McKesson-HBO Care had careplans in it. I wasn't all that happy with them but it sure beats handwriting all that stuff.