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  1. Hello-
    just wondering if anyone out there chose nursing as their 2nd (or 3rd) career, as I did. Personally, I feel lucky, because I am not in my mid-20's, and burnt out! I do get frustrated of course, and feel my only path to true happiness is to win the lotto, but on the whole, nursing was the right decision for me.
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  3. by   BeachNurse
    Hi there..I chose nursing as a second career. I was an administrative assistant until I experienced some major medical problems with my firstborn child. I became very interested in the medical field, went back to school and got my RN license. I was 27 when I graduated, and I was one of the youngest in my class. (ADN program) I worked in the hospital for a couple years then got a research position. I love my job and this type of nursing!
  4. by   Ted
    Nursing is about my third or fourth career . . . and the one career where I've stuck it out the longest.

    Just prior to starting nursing school, my wife were full-time musicians working the cruise-ship scene. It was fun for a while but hard on our marriage. So . . . in the interest of wanting a steady income, I went into nursing. I'm still in nursing because I love my profession. . . the caring, the advocating, the educating, the creativity! I've done some pretty cool things during my 9 year career as a nurse . . . most of it just giving nursing care to some wonderful patients.

    I'm glad I made this career choice, even if the initial motivation for the change was for financial reasons.


    P.S. I graduated from the ASN program in 1992 (and from the BSN program in 1997). For both programs, the majority of the students were 2nd career adults. The oldest student in my ADN program was a early 60ish year old woman who had just retired from an IBM job (taking an early retirement incentive). She went on to a NP program and as of 1998 (when I last spoke to her)was practicing as a family NP.
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  5. by   bassbird
    Nursing is also my second career choice. Oddly enough my husband and I we full-time musicians also. We broke up the band after working full-time at it for 15 years. That was a hard decision for me because I loved performing and spending lots of time with my husband.

    I am 42 and have 1 more year of an ADN program left. I too get a bit discouraged at times while reading the boards here. But as often as I get discouraged I find lots of positive info here as well.

    I wish you lots of luck on your new career! Nursing has so many options that I think there is a "right" area for everyone.
  6. by   arbley
    I chose nursing as a 2nd career because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of patients. I still have that altruistic feeling and I am sure I made the right choice. I am sure you will too.