Nursing as a Business or as a Calling?

  1. Should nursing be viewed as a business and should we treat nuring as such, or should nursing be considered a calling and those that treat it as a business viewed as less "nurse" like?
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  2. Poll: Should nursing be viewed as a Business or as a Calling?

    • Nursing should be seen as a business and not like a calling and we should profit accordingly businesslike.

      63.64% 14
    • Nursing is really a calling and those who view it as a business may be seen as less "nurse" likeas

      36.36% 8
    22 Votes
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  4. by   thisnurse
    nursing:being called to a business
  5. by   Jenny P
    I don't know how to vote on this one, Dave, I feel I was "called" to be a nurse, but work in the health care field which is definitely big business. And I do like to be compensated equitably for the work I do. I think the way nursing is now, it cannot be considered a business unless one is an independant contracter such as Chas. S. Smith is. Only when nursing costs are separated out from the hospital bed charges will we be considered a business.
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  6. by   Michelle_nurse
    I think it takes someone special to be a nurse, not everyone can be in this is a calling. It is a hard job, therefore, should be paid well. Yet I still think it is a calling and is alot more than a pay cheque..........but we still have to pay the bills!!!!
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  7. by   traumaRUs
    I too love nursing, but to say it is calling is to say that it shouldn't be compensated. Being a priest or nun is a calling - where you dedicate your life to a selfless task and don't expect a reward for it.

    Although I don't expect thank you - the bills gotta be paid, so it is a business and I need a RAISE!!