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  1. by   wellness143
    i have three: one on my upper left back, one on my upper right arm, and one going across my lower back.
  2. by   NsugaBuga
    I have my naval pierced, might get a second ear hole....
    I dont think I'm ready for tattoos... havent seen or thought of anything worth committing to put on my skin for a lifetime. Who knows...
  3. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    I have 4, only 1 is visible when I pull my hair back (dreamcatcher). My last full-blooded native american aunt died and it was done emotionally. Oddly enough in my fathers tribe it was common (historically) for women to tattoo their faces. No, the tattoo isnt on my face, LoL
  4. by   oklahomagal
    Quote from ambil
    I hope I'm not being rude when I say I just don't understand why so many people want to be looked at because of their tatoos. In a way it seems to be a mild way of provoking others? Some people think they look neat and others think they look demented. I just don't know why a person wants to be stared at in the first place I guess. In any case a person with lots of tatoos sure is an attention getter:weathersunsmall:.
    What I tell my mom who says the same thing is: Well I can control what I put on my body and it is an expression of me, however I cannot control other parts of my body like my breast size or the moles on my face... so why not do what I want!! It is actually some thing I like!
  5. by   WIN007
    I have one small one on my foot. Very easy to cover of course and nobody in a nursing env. would know the diff.
  6. by   rural_nurse
    I have a large butterfly on my (L) shoulder blade, 3 small butterflies on my (R) shoulder blade, turtle on my (R) ankle, moon and stars with daughters names on my (L) calf, butterfly on (R) foot and swirls covering (L) inner foot...they can all be concealed with clothing =-)
  7. by   Melpomene
    I have two tat's ATM. One of the Queensryche symbol on my right ankle and the other from Stephen Kings "The Dark Tower" series on my lower back, when the book was made into a comic (since I am a HUGE comic book nerd!) I really like Jae Lee's art and had the gunslingers guns tatoo'd on my lower back. (The dreaded 'Tramp stamp'!).
    I LOVE my body art, I know its not for everyone but all of mine can be covered by scrubs, I'd never get one that couldn't. I DID have body piercings at one time, but all of them could be covered by scrubs/clothing. I did like them, but I guess I 'grew out' of that phase. Haha.
    I do want to get one more, my BF and I are expecting and he wants to get our little ones feet on his shoulder and I'd like to get his hands on my shoulder.
  8. by   HelloKittyForever
    I think some tattoos are nice, I just wouldn't get any (:
  9. by   workingharder
    I have one on my right deltoid. It say," This side up". I'll get another one on my left that says, "See other side".
  10. by   mesixfuture
    "Tattoos I don't mind - wouldn't get one but I don't mind them. Can't say the same for body piercings though - especially those in and around the mouth. I just can't stop staring at the rotten thing and it annoys me because I usually like to watch someones eyes when they are talking to me. Can't help it! I find myself focusing on the istud/ring whatever rather than the person's face."

    I have a tongue ring and while you might hate to look at "the rotten thing" if we met professionally, I guarantee you that I'm the nurse you'd want managing your drips, starting your lines, placing your catheter etc. should you ever be in my ER. So I understand that it might be a generational thing, etc etc, but just because a nurse chooses to have tattoos or body piercings doesn't mean they aren't at the top of their game.
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  11. by   That Guy
    Quote from workingharder
    I have one on my right deltoid. It say," This side up". I'll get another one on my left that says, "See other side".
    I love it!

    I have one that is covered and already want more
  12. by   Zombi RN
    I have quite a few -- I am sleeving my left arm. I do not feel that my skin affects my performance as a nurse.
  13. by   SMOKEY2112
    Quote from LACA
    I have one tattoo at the moment, with plans to get at least one or two more. My tattoo is on my left shoulder blade, its two teddy bears w/ angel wings and halos. It's in memory of my sons...Landon's name is across the top, and Brayden's is below the bears.
    My youngest son's name is Landon! Great name!

    I have 3 tattoo's... one covers the majority of my back, another huge one on my left leg and one on my shoulder... LOTS LOTS more to come...