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  1. by   KellNY
    Quote from morningglory8
    Have one on my ankle. When my co-worker's at my new job saw it they were like... UGH! I'd NEVER do that, I'd never have a tattoo. Most were my age or younger. And no my tattoo is not scary or anything.
    I would have said "UGH! I'd NEVER do that, I'd never make such a rude, inappropriate comment to a coworker like that!"
  2. by   Violette
    I was wondering if anyone had opinions about female nurses who have large forearm tattoos? Would this hinder being hired?

    I am in school with a girl who has a very large tattoo on her forearm and the subject came up about when she graduates and seeks employment. I think it may cause her some problems because it may be considered "unprofessional"?

    Does anyone have any ideas on whether this would be a hinderance to employment?
  3. by   KellNY
    Wouldn't she most likely be interviewing in a long sleeved shirt and/or jacket? There's no reason for them to see the tattoo until after she is hired.

    If she is self concious about it, she can wear a long sleeved t under her scrubs or a jacket/labcoat over them.

  4. by   hapychld
    I have 3 tattoos; one is a fairly large piece on my upper back. I LOVE it. I have always been (since childhood) fascinated by tattoos. Absolutely love them. Hope to have more in the future. I certainly wouldn't judge an 80yr old woman with tats - I hope people won't judge me. But when I'm 80 I doubt I'll care if they do.
  5. by   RainbowzLPN
    [QUOTE=TriageRN_34]I have a caduces on my left scapula covered by scrubs (heck only if I wear a tank top can you see it). QUOTE]

    Where did you find a good pic of the caduceus? I'm thinking about getting one with LPN somehow in it, but all the nurse tats I find are either Betty Boop (I'm not really into her), or raunchy!!!
  6. by   abbs
    never thought of it and never will. my kids will freak out if they see me with a tattoo!
  7. by   blueiwahine
    Don't see where she would have a problem with it...Although, she might have to wear long sleeves at work to cover it.
  8. by   NoWaNrN
    I have 4 tattoos all can be covered. A flower on my right foot, a little mushroom on my right calf, heart with a little design around it on my left ankle and a gecko on my right shoulder, all are small. AND I have eye liner tattooed on upper and lower eyelids......but do these really count as tattoos?
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  9. by   Hacker-Nurse
    i have a tattoo on my left chest to shoulder and arm... isnt that too big for a nurse
  10. by   KellieNurse06
    I have a tigger bouncing on my lower back & my daughters name with asian symbols behind the letters on my right shoulder.........I only have those and they are in places thankfully that can't be seen unless I want them to be seen.
    I was in a store the other day and this woman was standing in front of me and I loved her outfit...........however as I looked down I saw she had a tattoo around each ankle...............and I have to be looked terrible........she was very well groomed, dressed etc and the tattoos on her ankles just killed her entire appearance..and she wasn't a young person either.....I love love love tattoos myself but when I saw that I couldn't help but think how tacky it made her each his own absolutely I agree but when I see something like this, personally I think it looks awful........sorry.........jmpo
  11. by   RNmom3
    I have two one on my Right foot of a pansy and one on my Left ankle that is puzzle pieces with my kids initials and the colors of their birth stones as well as my son's foot print. It is rather large for an ankle tat, but I work in a NH and my residents love it, they all like the fact that I have my kids with me whereever I go. If they are in good tasted and can be covered why not? Oh and my hubby is a pastor and has two, one on each arm, tat taboo???????
  12. by   channiek
    I have 2 and did not regret it yet. Both is on my shoulders , so it is always covered. Sides , I really do look like someone who won't have tats! People r always surprised when they find out. Ha!
  13. by   Corvette Guy
    Quote from ocb_dave_ocb
    i dont have any tattoos right now but i have my tongue pierced, I had both of my ears pierced but i removed them to have the more professional appearance
    OMG, you had your ears removed? Well, I suppose if you use to wear glasses the option exist to wear eye contacts.