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I have been a stay at home mom for awhile now. However, I spent the last few years in school to be a nurse. I've finished my degree and am in the process of finding a job as an RN. BUT, having a... Read More

  1. by   beeker
    I am pregnant, and work full time 12 hour nights. It is horrible. I am so exhausted! I am trying hard to get part time days and my bossy keeps saying next schedule, but it never comes and I've lost all hope and trust in her. I don't want to work 12 hour shifts. While on maternity leave I am panning to look for something else. I want either 10 or 8 hour shifts . Three 10s is my preference which limits me to 2 local places.
  2. by   twinmommy+2
    You just have to find that shift that works well for you. I'm a Mom to 4 kids (12, 11, 11, 7), work full time nights, full time RN-BSN, and an occasional part-time job here and there to pick up the slack. Hubby is without a job at the moment, so being a stay at home Mom won't work. We both wish I were able to stay home and I know he would rather it be that way, but its just not working out that way.

    Would I do any of it over again, no. I'd do it the say way again. Perhaps I would have gotten the BSN much sooner.